I am having to go in to my ortho to have my wrist checked out

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    I am not a happy camper this month. My left wrist has caused me so much pain that I really want to scream. I shattered it just over 2 years ago and it has a titauim plate and 6 screws to hold it together. AS I have applied for disability I have a copy of my medical records and as I was looking at the ortho's that had done this surgery I Noticed that is stated that a screw was loose but that it was not a problem at that time.

    That was just 6 months after my surgery. Now that it has been over 2 years I am feeling the burn of having a plate and screws that are in my wrist. It is causing me to have a great deal of pain. I hurt down to the bones and I will sit and rub the bone that is just down from my thumb and also the one that runs donw from my baby finger. I don't even know that I am rubbing them .

    AT this last appointment my pain doctor suggested that I go to see this surgeon that had fixref my wrist as I have not been back to see him since I was just 6 months out from the surgery. I need to have it checked out to find out why the pain is so intence and unbearable for me.

    And now this wrist is causing me so much pain, moving it hurts ,typing causes me pain,bending it back and forth causes me more pain. And sometimes it just throbs so badly that I feel my heart beat in it.

    I don't haev the grip stregnth that I had but I knew from the look on his face {my orthopedic's } when I showed him the x-rays from the ER right after I did this. OK This is what happened to me. Being walking challanged I tripped over the side walk after a day of walking around and standing too much.

    When I tripped I fell face down and palm down and my soon to be SIL checked me out and flipped

    me over like a pancake to check if I had other pains. And then he took me along with my daughter to the ER where he held me down while the doctor tried to get it to go back in to place , I have never had so much pain meds . I was given 200 mics for my pain and it did not help me.

    Along with that I was given 20 mg's of versed to help me to relax .Didn't work. I felt like some one had put my fingers in a chinse finger toucher devise and then stepped on something that pulled my fand staright up and dang it hurt me and the tears just flew out of me.

    AT the time of my surgery I was told that I would most likey lose the mobility in my wrist as it was so badly shattered and smashed.

    It was so bad that the doctor put what bones he could find into the spots that they should be in and the rest of the bits and peieces that were unidentiable he ground up and placed over the plate and screws to help hold it in and bond better.

    But I was told from Day 1 that I would have arthritis in it and it would be BAD. I would have to live with Chronic pain in this wrist as it would always hurt , even more when the weather changed, and I owuld lose alot of my grip stregnth in it.
    And lastly I would not be able to work again. AS he felt that I would not have much use of the wrist and it would tire and hurt till I could not use it at all and darn if he was not right. But this was hard for me as I loved what I did.

    I had been a Dental ASsistant and a darn good one at that. But I would not be able to ever work in that profession again as I could not grip the tiny instruments that the Dentist needed. I could not hold instruments and pass them to him before he knew what he wanted because I knew my boss so well I knew the things he needed before he could ask for them.

    And as for the typeing and usuing the coumpter. My doctor didn't think that my hand would ever be stable enough for me to use constantly. I would alwasy be in pain from this horriable accident. And work of any kind was out. I am unable to lift a frying pan with that hand as it hurts and burns , stings so much and I can't hold on to it and I drop it to the floor.

    IN the past year it has only gotten worse and I just have not wanted to go back and hear that I may have to have more surgey on it to fix the screws that could come loose. LIke I can afford to have more surgery either.

    But as of this last week my pain doctor said that the wrist was too swollen on both sides and I had NO grip at all and when he had me try to not let him push his hand to mine I could not stop him from doing it. And I sat and cryed as the pain was so over whelming to me that it took over and I lost it.

    So now I am going to have to see my orthopedic again , he is a good doctor but I just don't have the moneoy to see him and pay a co-pay and anything else. But I am not able to put this off anymore as it is only getting worse.

    I can't stand to have my wrist touched and when it hurts it is up to my upper arm in the humerous home and no it is not {FUNNY} you know the bone called the humourous I din't find it to be humorous at all.The pain from my wrist wakes me up in the night and causes me so much more pain.

    I have had to hold back tears when my grandson has accidently bumped my wirst and it has sent shock waves all thew the wrist and up into my upper arm and then it burns and tingles . and become useless to me.

    My grandson is not even 18 months old yet and yet he can make my wrist hurt just as badly as the change of weather does. It breaks my heart as he does not mean to cause me pain but he wants to climb around on me and I can't let mhim climb on me.

    .Well the hour grows late and I need to get some sleep and my wrist is hurting even more to night. I am going to make a appointment next week but I know that it may take a month for me to get in to see him. And I am so scared of what he may say.

    I don't want to have to have more surgery as I don't want it and I don't have the money to pay my share of this surgery upfront as is our hospitals' policy to do.

    AS I have not met my deductable I would need to come up with at least $1,000 up front. $500 for the deductable and the other for the 20% that I am liable for.

    And then there is the PAIN after surgery and my ortho will be really good about it while I am in the hospital but as soon as I am out I must see my pain doctor for any new pain medications that I may need.

    I may even have to have my pain doctor prescribe me some thing stonger than the MSCOntin I am on now. I think he would want to have me on a FEntnayl patch so that I would be able to put it closer to the site if the surgery.

    Right now i am so terrified that this wirst may need more surgery and that we don't have the money for it. So no matter if I need it I will have to live with worsening pain every day. Till I can have it fixed if it can be done.

    Sorry for being so whiney and for this post being so long. I am gratefull for my pain doctor as I know that he will help me stay out of alot of pain and that he really believes in me and trusts me to tell him what will work and what won't.

    Thanks for this.
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    Rosemarie, I hope you are feeling better now. Some days just aren't so great, are they?
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    sorry you had to leave your profession just like mine...

    was an r.d.a myself..

    well this stinks for us and just get your wrist done the best you can...



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