I am in a rut and need help to get out

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sachiko, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Sachiko

    Sachiko New Member

    I have been suffering with depression for years. I feel like I am going crazy! I haven't worked in about 10 years, maybe. I do babysit my 2 year old great niece. And she is a joy! Her mother, my niece, however, drives me crazy. She is a good mother but undependable for anything else. She squashes my dreams and she acts like we have role reversal. Sure would like an unbiased person to talk to.
  2. Sachiko

    Sachiko New Member

    So sorry to have posted my ranting here. I reallt thought I was in the right place. I thought I clicked on the Depression Post.I know people with Fibromyalgia and that is enough to deal with. Instead, I bothered you with my minor insufficient problems. I pray for people like you everyday. I can add you all to my list. It is a long struggle for anyone with this. And without finances for medical help it is worse. All take care and may God Bless you all.

    Leslie Cook
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  3. Kimba4318

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    Oh Leslie - no bother and your problems are not "minor or insufficient"... please do not say that. YOU are IMPORTANT. We can all relate here and validate your feelings!

    I hope you find help and do not think you were bothering anybody.
    Take Care Sweetie!
  4. Sachiko

    Sachiko New Member

    I came home and came on to check my mail for something else and found messages from some of you. Thank you ! I do know others who understand care. I will write more tomorrow. I am here for all of you too. And I did go in the depression post. But I may bounce back and forth. I may get help here or be able to help someone.
    Thanks again!

    Sincerely, Leslie
  5. leubie

    leubie New Member

    im sorry you are having to put up w/ this----espcially your niece--------relly you think she would be prasing you for all that YOU DO FOR HER--------babysitting her 2 year old is a big undertaking( yes i know she brings you all the LOVE AND HAPPINESS)maybe you could ask your niece if she didnt mind------if she did not have anything nice and positive to say about you-----------then could you PLEASE talk about something els--------the baby maybe???---------i know yiu do not want to make her angry--------could she be the type to keep the baby from you?---------------anyways hold your head high------------try to keep positive----------b/c you are doing one of the most important,loving and caring things a person can do--------which is also hard---------taking care of a child and molding the child in to a loving,caring person.--------------im glad you posted here by mistake-------------i could ALWAYS USE A NEW FRIEND-------im having a rough time too and would LOVE to keep in touch------------TAKE CARE AND LOVE TO ALL--------------------LAURA
  6. Sachiko

    Sachiko New Member

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your sweet letter. Yes, I can see that we could become good friends on here. I would like to talk to all who know what it's like. Maybe I can get the guts to handle this sort of stuff instead of make myself sick.
    You asked if my niece would keep her daughter from me. I'd say you've had some experience with that. And to be honest, I most certainly do think she would do that. It is a long story and hard for me to talk about. But I keep trying to reach out to my niece and she keeps slapping my hand. It is hard to deal with a person who is so book smart and no common sense. She is a beautiful girl. But very selfish and self centered. Not just with me, but everyone in the family. She is my sister's daughter. We all just try to show her love and keep trying to keep it together.
    This is a hard thing for me. I feel like screaming and just attacking what is in my way. But I have some restraint. I feel like I am being invaded upon and just want to explode. So far it has caused me great pain. My migraine is getting worse and I am nervous all the time. I am trying to make sense here but I feel I am not doing a good job. This is hard for me. I want someone to talk with but seem to go in circles.

  7. leubie

    leubie New Member

    hey----its nice to meet you-lol------i wish we could all meet each other(the ones on ALL these messaga boards)---------------please bare w/ me b/c i am not that good of a typer and im always in afog----------anyway---------could you avoid her-------your niece------by having another family member bring the little one to you??--------or do you go to their home?-------------do you babysit everyday?---------im trying to figure out how to limit your time w/ your niece w/out it limiting your time with the little one !!!!! sometimes i wonder how people can be so cruel-------and why we just try to figure them out and try over and over to help and save that person---------ive been a single mom for years--------until i was 37------then i got married-------big mistake!!!!!--------------we only lived w/ each other for about a year and half----------ita in my profile------check it out-------------just click one leubie to the left of my post!!!!! what are your plans for christmas?????---------ive not bought one thing!!!!------------no money---------ill get paid on the 20th------so----------that whan ill finally get something!!!!---------------------im going now-------------hope ive not bored you!!!!!---------------im off monday and tuesday so maybe if you would like----------really get to know another then!!!!!please take care and KEEP IN TOUCH--------------------i feel very lucky to have found this site----------i hope you do as well---------i think its against rules to giveout email adress'-so--------ill be looking for you-------take care-----love to all------------laura
  8. leubie

    leubie New Member

    hey again---------if you like fill out your profile!!!!!------i hope im not being too pushy--------------anyway---------we will be able to know more about you------but if you do not want to-----------------please belive me i reaaly understand!!!!!!!!!!love to all--------laura

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