i am in pain tonight

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tennisgirl25, Jul 17, 2003.

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    i have pain burning from down my hip and at my knee and then to my calf, front and back and then to my ankle. i also have it on my neck, shoulders, down to my elbow, and down to my waist, all on my right side. there are little sharp stabbing pains. i had to take a half pain pill, and i rubbed my back and leg down in blue emu oil. i hurt so badly, i can't believe it. it isn't the kind of pain that i can't move my leg up and down, like the dr said it was if i needed surgery. i think it is mostly muscle, but i don't know. does anyone else have this kind of pain. sometimes, daily, there is a spot that is like a hot poker on the side of my hip, and around to my spine. am i all alone. is it in my head. i can't believe all the trigger points on my body. they hurt so badly, so sore.
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    Ouch, here's a big hug {{{{{{{{{tennisgirl25}}}}}}}}} very softly - hope it helps.

    I don't think I've had pain specifically like this but sometimes I am in so much pain there feels like no end to it. I usually try to read and distract my mind from the pain, then I'll finally notice - oh, it's not so bad now.

    Hope you are feeling better as you read this.
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    with lotsa salt?

    jen F
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    Lots of gentle hugs your way, Tennisgirl25. I hope your pain takes a long needed vacation away from you. NO it is not in your head--it is real. I hope you feel better soon. Take care and God bless. later, stickley4u