I am just run down and angry

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    I was supposed to have an MRI of my neck at 5:30 tonight. I arrived 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork and such, just to make sure I wasn't wasting appt time. Well, at 6:15 the receptionist told me they were running behind and blah blah blah. I told him I needed to get going b/c I had my son with me who needed dinner. He made a call and said it would be 5 more minutes. Well, 20 minutes later soemone finally came out to get me, only to make me sit in another waiting room for another 20 minutes. I LOST it! I got my son and things together and left that waiting room only to be told by the idiot receptionist that he couldn't make another appt for me. Seriously! I gave him a speech in a very nasty tone w/o ever yelling. I am in serious pain and have already had to wait 1.5 weeks for this appt and they can't even get there crap together to get me in even close to on time. Did they think I was there just to have some snapshots to hang on the wall!?! I was prepared and there on time, what was their problem?!

    Now, I know sometimes techs are running behind, but more than 1.25 hours? I had a CT scan a month ago at a different facility that took me 30 minutes from the time I walked in the door and out, including paperwork, a packed lobby that was standing room only, and a frustrated receptionist that was having to deal with 5 people coming at her at once.

    I am having a fibro flare on top of the insane pain in my neck that had me on my back all day. I finally had the inspector from the people I am suing out to my house. I am going to end up paying $750 to my atty just for their stupid 3 hr inspection that I have already paid $1000 to have done on my own. My sinus infection from the mold is only getting worse, even with the outrageously expensive meds. To top it all off, one of our cats is on the lamb after busting through a screen window thursday night.

    I know I have said this b/f, but I really don't know how I can continue on this path alone. I don't ahve anyone I can turn to for help that is within a 2000 mile radius. I hate to even think about it, but I am seriously considering saying to heck with it all and moving to a place I don't much care for but at least I would have support there.

    I hurt. Physically and emotionally.

    I know my son is feeling it too. He has been out of control and for the past 2 weeks. It got so bad that I broke out in tears as we were leaving the grocery store last night. I have never seen him like this. He confessed that a great deal of his anger is at his father, which we talked about and I completely understand. I had his father pick him up from school today to talk to him in hopes that it would help him. It didn't. His attitude was back full blown as soon as his father closed the door.

    I feel like a failure.

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    I feel so bad for you. no support and all youre going thru is too much for anyone. i dont blame you for walking out. can you go to first place to get mri?

    as far as your house id have to move to get your health back. it sounds like a losing battle with the mold but only you know what you can do.

    your poor son is probably just feeling your frustration and acting out just keep loving him and telling him his good points. i wish i could start over with my kids i let things get out of hand at times and was pulled into his trap. hahaha he pushed my buttons and still does at 26. lots of hugs to you. love gail
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    Happens to me all the time. It takes so much energy to schedule appts and actually make it to them on time....and when the office is poorly managed, it's just too much sometimes. I've waited 2.5 hrs for a Dr appt before, only because I knew he had an emergency. I think it's extremely inconsiderate for these places to expect us to wait soooo looonnnng sometimes.

    I can relate to the difficulty of dealing w your son's behavior issues. That is the story of my life w both of my kids. Oh, what I would give for a nice, caring, helpful child......I definitely didn't get one w any of those traits! They just seem to make me suffer more everyday!

    Just wanted to lend you some support, you are not alone my dear. I have been in a state of anger and frustration so much lately, some of which has to be caused by premeno hormone upset....Grrr. It's always something, huh?

    Hang on....Hermit
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    I spent yesterday laying on the couch staring at the ceiling. I simply don't know what to do. I feel worse today than I have in some time.

    I feel empty. I feel unusually negative.

    I can't seem to access that place inside me that always knows I will pull through and that whatever I am going through is temporary and will pass.

  5. Tizz

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    ...And it doesn't seem to take the "getting jerked around over and over again" factor into consideration.

    Anyway, I hear you.


    Oops just found your response to my post. How can the "experts" not take that into consideration?!

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