I am just to tired and worried about my daughter.

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    I have just felt like I am so sleepy all the time and I don't know why. I have not been over doing it. I have been doing the usual things like some grocery shopping and window shopping also and a little cleaning. But this past week I just feel like I could sleep all day long.

    I don't know why I am feeling this way. I have not done any thing this past week to make me feel like this. The only thing that has changed is the HEAT !!!! it was 99 degree's today and it could be 100 today HOW FUN FOR ME NOT!

    And to night I thought that my daughter was going to be here as her hubby has drill early in the morning. The whole family has called me sicne about 6 pm last night. And she didn't answer her cell phone and her home pphone was busy all night long .

    I don't know if my SIL was on the conputer or if my daughter was, But I wish that she would have called to let us know that they were not comming till today. I know that he has to be to drill and he can't get out of it unless he is ill and he is not so I expect them in the morning.

    They will be staying with my MOm because they are bringing the Dog and my husband does not want the dog here as she barks alot and wants to stay in the house.
    There is no space out side for the dog as my husband is reaising racing birds and the dog would upset the darn birds.

    So my daughter , grandson and SIL will be stay with my MOm till sunday and then they go home.
    Maybe I amjust worried for nothing, I know that she had some money problems and that she got some help and didn't tell the hubby about it. I didn't help her . I told her to tell him so that he would not have a hissy fit when he found ou t but she didn't want to do it.

    I learned my lessons early on the you don't lie to the hubby as it always gets you in the end. But I worry as her hubby has a temper and I don't know how he would react about her being over drawn and getting help from some family memeber. And my daughter is 13 weeks pregnant also and I really don't think she needs the addd stess of a pissed off husband so I told her to tell him what was going on.

    But since no one called us to say they were not comming last night we are kind of confused about it.

    And I am a bit worried about her as she has not been feeling good with this baby. She has some really bad morning sickness that sometimes hits in the afternoon and evening and if she does not eat often enogh.
    Well it is not doing me any good to worry about her ,And I can't call her now to ask What is going on?

    So I guess I will haev to wait till she gets here today and call and talk to her.
    SO I am going to go to bed now, I am freezing now as I haev left the swamp cooler on and I will all night as it will help to keep the house cooler during the daytime.

    Check with you later on.
  2. 69mach1

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    maybe your daughter is having a pregnancy brain fog day....

    try and stay cool tomarrow..

    love and hugs


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