I am laying on a bed of nails

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rickj44, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. rickj44

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    Thats about how it feels to try and lay down and sleep.. A wrinkled bed sheet feels like a piece of wood.

    The pain usually isn't this bad.. On a good night, i get to sleep fast, becuase i am so tired, and i wake up a few times through the night and by 5 am 6 am i have to get up.. feels like somebody has beaten me. Thats my good night>

    Last night went to bed but the pain was too much.. If i take more pain meds it keeps me awake. No win situation

    I did get to sleep by 4 am and slept a couple hrs... I took more pain pills today just to try and stop the pain>> but when i lean back in the chair it hurts all throught my upper back..

    If i take more pain pills i will be so high i will fall down>> This is not the way its suppose to be..

    All day today i have been itching like crazy.. I decided to lay down at 4 pm today , my eye's felt so heavy.
    I layed on my heating pad.. feels good for a bit and then it starts hurting, so you switch positions>> did that for 1 hr.
    Well between the pain and me inching myself , i didnt get any sleep.. I even have nice soft memory foam on my bed but its no match for this illness.

    Now i am near bedtime again , and i am scared.. another night>
    I am taking Tramacet and 20 mgs of Oxycontin.. Why am i taking Oxycontin, i have no idea.. The most powerful pain killer in the world and its does very little for me. Except keeps me awake if i take it too close to bed time>> so i don't dare do that.. if i take too much, i am itching for the next 8 hrs..

    sorry for venting, I feel bad, and i dont like this illness, and want the old me back.
    What will i do when i get so old as i cannot move.. I will be in pain all the time.Unless they load me right up like people with cancer and then i wont know anything or anybody.. so sad to think about

  2. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    Hugs, I wonder if Lyrica would help you.
  3. ldoty

    ldoty New Member

    I have been and still am on Lyrica. It has not helped me. I am jealous of the ones that it does help. I also have the "nice soft memory foam" on my bed. Going to bed is hell for me. I have to think about where I am going to try to sleep (bed, sofa, chair?) so I have less pain in the a.m. This makes me a nervous wreck.... so that, piled on top of pain, makes me a mess. It seems it really doesn't matter where I end up trying to sleep, I feel like I am 80 years old in the a.m. I am only 46, dx for 2 years. I never imagined I would end up like this. My heart goes out to you!
  4. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    Hello, Rick!

    I used to have a terrible time with sleep issues. My doctor had me try 3mg. melatonin, and it helps me tremendously. Melatonin doesn't do a thing for my hubby, though.

    I take Oxycontin, 20mg too. The itching has gotten better for me over time. At first it was pretty bad. I also take Oxycodone for break-through pain.

    I end up taking an Oxycontin in the morning, four hours later I have to take an Oxycodone, then I usually have to lay down from sheer exhaustion and weakness and pain (pain is helped by the meds, but not alleviated), then I take another Oxycontin in the early evening. If I'm up for four more hours, I'll have to take another Oxycodone. So it's two Oxycontin/day, and 2 to 3 Oxycodone/day. That usually keeps the pain bearable.

    I hope the itching goes away for you, too. I pray you'll find some relief and be able to get some good sleep! Try melatonin, 3mg; you can get it over-the-counter at Wal-Mart or at a drug store, and it's usually inexpensive.

    God bless!


  5. rickj44

    rickj44 Member

    I have tryed Lyrica twice and the last time got up to 150 mgs before i had to stop, it increased my pain>>I thought if i stuck with it, it would get better>> Nope

    Well last night was a bit better, I got more sleep.> The itching only happens when i increase my pain medication, and it give me a bit more comfort, but causes Itching>>

    Debbie when you say you had a terrible time sleeping was it becuase of Pain?? Do you feel Melatonin knock down the pain or did it just make you really drowsey???

    I will ask Walmart about Melatonin, but it might be under a different name , I am in Canada
    When things get really bad for me like the other night i will take Tramacet , Ibupofen 1800 mgs and a muscle, relaxer, just to try and find something to knock it down a notch>.

    Never thought in the world with all the drugs that, i would still be in pain. Some Doctors and people have no idea what pain really is.

    I lean back in my computer chair and it hurts me.On top of the pain i have weakness in my legs.. cannot walk very far, and a general weakness, sick feeling through the whole body.

    I really don't know what keeps me going> I hope tonight is not another Horror show.

    Thanks for your kind words.


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  6. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    Rick, I'm so glad you were able to sleep a little better the night before last. That usually helps me to be able to bear with the pain better.

    I don't think melatonin helps with the pain level, it just helps me to feel sleepy, and to stay asleep. Before I used melatonin, it would take two or three hours to get to sleep, I'd wake up really early (like around 3a.m.) and not be able to go back to sleep, and I would have horrible nightmares and very light sleep while asleep.

    The melatonin, which is a natural hormone your body makes, helps me feel sleepy, sleep deeper, and stay asleep for eight hours or so. I still sleep lighter than I used to, but not nearly as light as I do without the melatonin.

    My pain usually wakes me up in the mornings, and I have to take Oxycontin right away.

    I hope I answered your questions! Praying for you,

  7. rickj44

    rickj44 Member

    You answered my question Debbie and i will try Melatonin just to see if i notice a change for the better.
    I find if i take Oxycontin anytime after 6pm it will keep me awake. I have even tryed taking it right at bedtime, because its a time release. I would take it at 11 pm and it would wake up at 2 am and i would not go back to sleep the rest of the night.

    So now i take Tramacet before bed and i can only take a small amount of that> a 1/2 a pill makes me drowsey a full pill keeps me awake. My body is so difficult to deal with.

    I also take a Oxycontin at around 4 am, and when i do get up at 6 or 7, i feel better.

    To get the right combination of medications is the hard part. I have tryed many over the years.
    I wish there was a good pain clinic around my area but the closest one is 2 hrs away and i cannot do the drive, back and forth.

    Thanks for your help>> everybody>>
    Hoping for less pain

  8. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Have you tried malic acid and magnesium. I cannot live without these as the pain is intense and then I would have to take heavier pain medication.

    I think this would be a good combination for you for several days - 400mg magnesium, 1200 malic acid, muscle relaxer and melatonin.

    Our bodies get into spasms and the pain get higher and higher (our threshold gets lower and lower). Some of that pain is from lactic acid (even though you are not exercising). That lactic acid isn't forced out of muscles and it builds and builds. It has be to removed before we can start to feel better.

    Since it is natural, it is a slower process but maybe after a week or two, your body will reset at a lower pain threshold.

    It may not spiral you down but hopefully it would stop you from spiraling upwards more.

  9. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    that Oxycodone and Oxycontin used to keep me up, too, but it no longer does. It's maybe something that will get better with time, like the itching.

    God bless!


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