I am losing the battle with the mack truck and it's driver

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    I feel ike I have been up all night being beaten the whole time. MY back aches, hips, thighs, tail bone, sicaticia, leg aches, head aches, sleepy , fatiqued more than usual, my body hurts allt he way to the bone. AndI don't know just how long i am going to be able to cope with this.

    It didn't help today when I had to talk to the bililng people that my pain doctor uses. I don't get a bill for months at a time and the out of the blue I get one and it is so screwed up that I have NO CLUE what it going on.

    So I went in to talk to the lady over my account and all that she told me was that she takes what I pay in my co-pay and applies it to the acccount that is the oldest. And then she tells me that I didn't make a co-pay in Feb. or March so what is the deal here as it is August and this is the first I have heard of this non payment of my copay . I always pay my co-pay and she claims that I have not pain it but will not give me a list of the dates I saw the doctor and the charges with it and what the ins paid and what I paid with the copay.

    Needless this has pissed off my husband as he has recieved all over the reciepts from the doctor and is going to check through them to see if for some odd reson we missesd paying a copay. The lady that does the billing is in a out side billing office and has not get the best system that there is. She does not take the payment and apply it to the date of service but puts it on the oldest amount due from the longset time I was seen.

    My hubby is so angry as it takes them to llong to bill you and to put the check in the bank.

    So as you can see there was much stress in my world today. And it only got worse as my husband had to yell and get all upset at me for NOT paying the CO_pay when I know that I did. And he is angry for them not sending a bill for march and feb. The bill I recieved was for April and I had paid it in full.

    So now I am stressing over this wondering what happened and I want to know what has ahppened to the copays as I do pay them, She called me one day and told me that I had a credit balance and NOT to make a payment as I had over paid for several months I told this to my husband who still wrote out a check and the doctors office would not take it at the billing's office instrustions telling me that I have a houge over payment. And how can that be?

    Any way this added stress has not helped how i am feeling. I am so fatiqued that I could not stay awake all evening. And now I am getting so sleepy that I can' think straight.
    I have taken my meds yet I ache and hurt clear to the bones and I don't like how I feel. I am in so much pain to night and there is nothing I can do aobut it.

    I am so stressed out that all my muscels are in knots and my CMP is flaring too. MY back hurts so deeply that I have tears running down my face. I hate this, I know that i should just let the stsupid billing problems go as there is nothing that my getting all up set is going to help . But that it all I can think about.

    My hubby tells me to "Don't sweat the small stuff" But right now everything is not SMALL it is all HUGE and out of control and I have NO CONTROL OVER IT OR MY LIFE.

    I don't know how to make my brain just shut off and quit worring aobut things I can't control but it is like a movie that keeps on going around and around all the time and never ever stops and keeps on repeating it's self.

    I just hurt and I hate this pain. I don't have the control over it either and that is still upsetting to me. so I just hurt more and more going in a circle that is never ending.

    PLease tell me that I am not losing my mind? That this will all work out and either way the dcotor will get paid and it will be ok.

    MY hubby is not angry with me just at the company that does the billing but when I tell him about the problem it is me who gets yelled at not the billing company.

    OH I hate this hurting so much my back burns and the pain is shooting down through my groin and in my thigh and on down my legs. I can't stand this much longer.

    I want that darn mack truck to leave me along and move on but not any where close to me. I know that there is not mack truck but that is what I feel like as well as being flattened by a roller that is used to flatten the new pave ment. That is me being flattened like a pancake. And it just makes my pain worse and worse.

    Sorry about the whinning and complaing aobut how much I Hurt I know that there are many more who are in more pain than I am in . But I feel like I am taking what this billing lady personally as she knows me and my husband. She will not explain things to me which makkes me angry so I get mad at her , so she wrote just what she wanted to say not what she did tell me in FEB & March so it makes me look like I am stupid and don't know that I have to pay my co-pay aeach time I see the doctor. I know that But when they won't take your money and send it back to you because they say there is a over payment what can I do.

    Being dumb I through the note that came with the check away and there for have no proof that they would not take it. HOW dumb can I be?

    I also know that the more upset I get the worsee I feel and yet I can't stop feeling so angry and hurt and betrayed by this lady as she is a neighbor of mine and you would think that a biling offcie would send you a statement every ,month telling you what had gone through and what has not... But not this one.

    So I get upset at her for being rude with me and then I start to cry about it in front of her. I don't like doning that as it makes me feel so weak and insecure about my slef.
    Sorry about all this rambling on about this billing problem. I am sorry for whinning ,
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    i don't get my cable bill and dsl...they called me like two weeks ago saying they mailed the bill to the wrong place...

    and to please call so they can verify the bill..so here i am still waiting for it in the mail..they haven't corrected the problem..

    this dsl stinks...shutting off and on..

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    Billing gets complicated. You pay co-pay, but sometimes there is a little that you are still billed for. Sometimes that is not even on the next statement as insurance covered it also.

    I never pay right away. They are slow on billing and getting paid from insurance.

    I like to know it is the amount I actually owe.

    Last month I paid a $147.00 Dr. bill. They sent it back with a statement that I owed 0 dollars and cents, so they were returning my check. Same mail was a bill from them for $17.50! I sat and laughed......so crazy.

    Of course you are feeling bad dear. Tension adds a lot to how we feel. Your dear hubby is wonderful in wanting to make sure the bills are paid. Feel lucky there. He also is feeling the frustration from the billing place.

    You have a right to have each office call and proceedure and dates listed. Along with total amounts, what you paid and what the insurance paid.

    When you feel better you can go over all of it. They do not sound too organized to me.

    Take a hot bath and reroute that truck to another state.....but not mine! LOL. It visits me too often also.
    I sure understand all you are saying and feeling. You sound like a lovely sensitive lady.

    Blessings to you..............Love, Susan

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