I am new here, looking for treatments for my FMS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by iconracr, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. iconracr

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    I have it BAD this time. I am doing the drug thing again. The last time I got rid of it myself. Total remission for years until I was expecting my 2nd child at 40.

    Looking for help. I am in SO much pain!!!
  2. Shirl

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    Hi, welcome to our world! Glad you found our board, and I am sure we can be of some help to you.

    I would sure like to know what you did to get FM in remissionfor years??

    I don't take the drugs anymore, I am more or less self treating too these days, and am doing better than I have in years.

    Again, welcome to the board, and congrat's on the new baby!

    Shalom, Shirl

    EZBRUZR New Member

    I am happy you have found this sight.I hope it can help you as well as the MANY of us it does!I hope you can find pain help,even if it is only serinity,it helps! Peace ,lisa
  4. Mikie

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    Are you currently pregnant? If not, why not see a specialist in FMS or a pain specialist who is knowledgeable about our illnesses.

    So many have found that pregnancy makes FMS worse after the baby is born, even though they feel well during the pregnancy itself.

    I'm glad you found us as this place is a font of knowledge.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Pammy50

    Pammy50 New Member

    I have been living with FM since February, so it's new
    to me. I know what I can not EAT. Can anyone help me
    by telling Me what I can EAT. Or send me in the right
    direction (diet book, cook book)? My doctor is very
    willing to work with me, so if I choose I do not have
    to take drugs, can try herbs, or natural alteratives.
    Thank you in advance for all your help.
  6. cindy_cfids

    cindy_cfids New Member

    Guaifenesin for FM

    I didn't have FM symptoms till after I had CFS
    for 12 years & daily B12 injections cleared those
    completely. Pain is not an issue with me - not
    having the strength to care for myself is an
    issue. Many with FM swear by guai for pain & symptoms. I have been taking guai over a year & I
    feel MUCH stronger (I was considering a nursing
    home) & think I'm getting even stronger. I no
    longer have post exertion malaise! I haven't
    crashed since I started. I added spirulina &
    couldn't figure out why my muscles felt like
    water balloons & the infections returned. It
    blocked guai. I highly recommend trying it, I
    had 3 semi-bad days & haven't "cycled" since.
    Not all are as lucky though (with bad cycles)
    Dr.St.Amand claims guai will fail (for
    FM) if salicylates are not avoided. My personal
    experience concurs (I tried to add spirulina). I
    quit everything when I started guai but found I
    no longer required most everything I had been
    using, including B12 (for FM pain) & garlic oil
    (for constant gum infections) I switched from
    evening primrose oil to fish oil. You can eat
    plant items (such as garlic) you just can't take
    supplements with concentrated plant items (such
    as garlic oil).
    Your doctor can write a prescription for guai.
    It is very cheap and safe, no side effects. I
    have been buying it from www.RxPalace.com since I
    haven't been to the doctor in over a year. They
    charge a pharmacist fee if you don't have a
    prescription. I also bought some from Prohealth
    www.immunesupport.com the 600 mg. 12 hour OTC
    version - they have a buy two get one free deal.
    I didn't have much luck with the 200 mg short
    acting version, but some swear by it.
    More info can be found in the book:
    "What your Doctor may not tell you about
    Fibromyalgia" by
    "R. Paul St. Amand, M.D."
  7. cindy_cfids

    cindy_cfids New Member

    Reference Hypoglycemia - fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, eggs, nuts, fats, sugar free condiments.
    More info can be found in the book:
    "What your Doctor may not tell you about
    Fibromyalgia" by
    "R. Paul St. Amand, M.D."
  8. fibrojewel

    fibrojewel New Member

    Hi there...new too!
    It seems like the last two pregnancies were really bad. My symptoms started with my 11 yr old and really busted with my youngest. I was 38 when I gave birth and havent been the same since. I read something on here about hormones and Fibro, and how it affects the disease. I know this is what triggered mine.

    I started out with pain meds alone, but that didn't do the trick. I finally ended up on skelaxin 800 mg 3x day, then 1 hydrocodone q 6 hrs, and I take thyroid med for my chronic fatique which really helps so much. For the first time in along time I have alot of energy, but it doesn't stop the pain.

    When I'm tired I sleep or rest. For me my hot tub helps alot. Then I try to do mild stretches, and I go to bed.
    I have learned to accept the breakthrough pain that I do have, and my family is very supportive and let me go to bed when I need to. I finally stopped beating myself up for it, and realized that I was just being "good to myself".

    My Pain managment Doc is going to do Trigger point injections. From what I've learned on this board by other members especially racwhite, these will help like no other!

    I hope you find relief! My prayers are with you!!!
  9. iconracr

    iconracr New Member

    I was lucky then, I had wonderful medical insurance. I had neromuscular therapy three times a week. Biofeedback, still helps. I was on Valium, then Soma for pain but helped me sleep and then Zoloft. So many doctors said it was in my head, yea right!!!

    I found that I had silicone in my body. I had breast implants and had an auto accident that caused a leak not rupture.

    I took much of the recommended herbs for CFS/FMS since I have both.

    I was not working at the time due to a layoff. I slept, slept, & slept. Min. 7 to 8 hours a day up to 12 hours. I often say, I allowed myself to be sick and stopped explaining it to everyone. I took naps when I couldn't sleep at night. My problem has always been falling to sleep.

    Working was really hard with FM once I went back. Long, long days. Because I could not do what others do in 8 hour day. My days were more like 10 hours and some weekends.

    Once in remission I knew if my sleep pattern got off, it would come back so I would sleep.

    Well, this time I got pregnant with my second child at 40 years old (my other one was 3). My hips hurt so bad and I did not sleep at all during the entire time. I could not rest because of my daughter.

    I brought my son home from the hospital two days before Sept. 11th. I had people call me and tell me what a terrible world to bring a baby into. I saw the same thing on The View on TV. I had a hard time being happy. AND, I hurt so bad from FM. They kept telling me it was PPD. Well, my son was sick all the time and did not sleep through the night until he was 9 months old. Then, they finally realized it was FM and not PPD.

    Now I need to heal myself. The doctor I see now seems to understand the condition. He knows all the latest. But be doesn't really get it that I am in pain. He is treating the symptoms. He says I have it and have to live with it.

    I decided to heal myself again. I will gain knowledge from this website. Much of what I have read, I did before. But, I still need the doctor for SSD. I have filled suit with Dow Corning for my implants and should see a settlement this year.

    I hope you feel better soon. Cheryl
  10. iconracr

    iconracr New Member

    We are trying something new. Out with Zoloft. And now Kloupin and Tramdol.

    I want this thing GONE!!! I know it can be done, I did it before.

    Thanks for the reply. Cheryl