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    this my first post and new to this site since yesterday. found it by mistake.actually learning, no coincedences in my life! i was diagnosed in 1990 and never met 1 person in my life that suffers from such a scourge so this is one maaavelous place for me to be and sooo happy to meet others in the same boat. although not happy there are others that are in my boat or share this awful cruise. (getting poetic on ya LOL sounds like a really bad pun). i can't wait to share my feelings, thoughts, and experiences with anyone who will listen w/out seeming to sound complaining. to anyone not experiencing fm it sounds that way. here i feel i am just sharing with other compassionate people that understand. as i am not used to being able to speak so openly about how i am feeling day to day. it's like we have to be "up" all the time. like what's the use. everyones heard it before. today is like any other day. but it's not. today is a bad day. yesterday was so so. tomorrow may be better, maybe not. but if it tomorrow is good, bad or indifferent i can feel free to vent. my husband, son, daughter, friends are used to the blah blah blah. they just don't understand like you all. so thank you thank you thank you. if someone read all of this, LOL, could you please let me know when this site was started and by whom?
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    Welcome to the cyber world of fibromyalgia. You are not alone. Mama come in the fibromyalgia chat room. there are a lot of nice people there who are very supportive. Hope to see you in chats.
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    HELLO, and welcome to the board. I too love this board. it's so nice to not feel guilty about complaining!!!! Peace..Zoe :)
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    Glad to have you here, you will find a lot of great thing on here. and you can vent all you want to. Its so great that we know we can come here and everyone is going to understand what we are talking about. LOL DGH
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    Hi, welcome to our world! You are most welcome here, and better yet, well understood!

    I have had Fibro for 20 plus years, old hand at this misery.

    Like you, I have never met one person in all those years that had this illness. Sooo its very hard to relate to the 'normals'! In fact, its even harder to relate to people who suffer from traditional illnesses.

    I don't look sick, I don't even look my age! Which only makes me more 'unbelieveable'.

    This board was started by a gentleman who has CFS, and its supported by a supplement company named; Pro Health. You can go to the 'Store' link and get a free catalog and a free newsletter from them. Both are full of informaton about FM/CFS. I have been here over 2 years, I think the board has been online for 4 years, its the largest one around.

    Glad you found us, and hope we hear from you often. You will find some really great people here, and loads of help and mega support too.

    Again, welcome to the board...............

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, yes, I did read you entire post!!!!
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    Welcome, glad to have you here. I have had this a long time also, diagnosed 15 years ago, but think I`ve had it my whole life. I too felt it such a relief to finally find people who are going through the same thing and understand. It`s someplace you can come and be yourself and let out all those feelings about Fm.

    I`m looking forward to getting to know you.
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    Welcome to the board i have only been here about 2 to 3 weeks and i did read all your post and i agree it is hard to talk to some one who doesnt have it they try but they dont understand as much as some one else with this dd (darn disease) did you no if you click on the names om the left in purple it will tell you about people and show you there picture if they have one in there profile and i was also intrested to know how the board got started so thanks for the info shirl on that, there are some really nice people here who are always willing to listen to you and give information if they can so stick around.
    ((((((big hugs)))))))) from the UK
    from Loopyloo xxx
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