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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by terrifitz, Feb 23, 2003.

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    I am new to writing to this board. I have been reading it for awhile. I have picked up so much information. Thanks!! My husband is in the military and we live in Germany. I was diagnosed with FM about 6 years ago, but know I have had it LOTS longer. My question is about the constant exhaustion. Somedays I feel like the most lazy person in the world. Just the thought of going up and down the stairs makes me tired. I am a high school cheerleading coach. This past weekend was our European Championship Tournament. I was gone from early Thursday morning to Late evening Saturday. I was either walking constantly or sitting on bleachers for hours. I feel like someone took hold of my feet and swung me over their head and let me go. I know that is the reason I feel the way I do today, but I just wanted to know what others do with the exhaustion. I would really appreciate any help or encouragement! Thanks. Terri
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    Welcome! Your description of your weekend reminded me of when my daughter was on a swim team, & we'd take her to meets----all day Saturday & Sunday, way too much standing on my feet, brutally exhausting!! She's taking a break from swimming right now due to chronic ear infections, unfortunate for her, but I'm really thankful for a few months' break. With FM, we just don't do these weekend long (or more) go-go-go all day activities well, and we pay dearly for them later!

    I hope you can figure out a way to get some rest & recovery time after these events. I'm generally soaking in the tub w/epsom salts--a lot--afterwards.

    Glad you are here!

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    I am sure that you will find alot of information here. I have not been here long either and have done alot of reading posts.

    I now find myself replying to posts as much as I can. We all have alot in common. you will find friendly people with encouragement, advice, help and inspiration.

    The exhaustion does not seem to go away. I have CFS and the meds will only help they will not take it away, just as sleep will not take it away. I do have more days that I can at least do a little bit of something instead of nothing.

    good luck &
    best wishes