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    hi i am 38 female and not sure whats going on! docs. are a pain! have degen.disk disease, arthrits in hips. I am on ulatracet and it works very well,taking paxil for depression.muscles ache to the bones and hurt to touch but all my docs.are telling me is i have arthrits, hip exrays showed hips looked good so how can they tell me its arthrits? and i am so tired all the time...telling me depression is causing tired, but this is a kind of tiredness i have never had in my life even when depressed before. Can someone please help me. I am tired of going to docs, why cant they tell what it is and fix it.

    Thank You and keep the faith
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    the very best of message boards. It certainly sounds like fibromyalgia. You can fight to get a diagnosis (which is sometimes very helpful) and/or you can read and try the many different hints on this board for making life more tolerable. Read all you can about FM and see if it sounds like your life. You will be more educated when you next go to the Dr and can demand more help. We have all lived the pain and loneliness you feel. Welcome. Ask any questions you have and you will get varied answers from these very wonderful and knowledgable people. You are among friends!
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    Hip pain is really common in fibromyalgia, particularly spasms in the muscle that connects the hip to the knee (ITB). I had ITB pain and spasms in my knees for several years--now it seems I'm getting them in the hips. I would not necessarily believe the diagnosis of arthritis without more opinions. The fatigue and soreness to touch sounds like fibro. too. Some fibro. patients have depression--there seems to be some correlation, but mostly it's just that patients are depressed because they hurt all the time!

    I agree with the other message--go to a GOOD rheumatologist and get this sorted out.

    As for the Paxil, that's a sedating anti-depressant. You might want to try an energizing one like Prozac. It has worked great for me.

    To manage your pain--I suggest to everyone WATER EXERCISE. It is absolutely the best for me. I do either the deep-water classes (you wear a flotation belt) or the ones for people with aches and pains and older people. I always feel way better after that. I can go into the water with knee/hip/back/whatever pain and come out feeling okay after exercising in the water (and a hot shower after). Hot tubs and hot baths help, too.

    Good luck!
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    By the way, I have degen. disk disease in L5-S1 and it bothers me really rarely. I even play competitive tennis. (Okay, doubles, with knee braces, hot tubs, drugs, and some pain and stiffness, but I love it.)
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    Thank all of you for your responces and for making me feel welcomed here. Now how do I find a rheum. and do you have to be refered? Thanks again
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    Hi mine name is Barb I am 34 year old female and have been dx with fibro for 2 years. I have arthritis also in my hands, hips and knees..known this for about 5 years. I was referred to a rheumy from my reg doc because of the "all over pain" If I am touched, even lighty, in certain spots it hurts, I come unglued! Since I have arthritis in the hips and the fibro on top of it often it is worse and the doc at first couldn't understand how I was having so much pain because of arthritis but now they know.
    I guess I am lucky to have a pretty good doctor.
    I have a pool and water excerise as much as possible. Being in the water is a wonderful pain free experience!! I agree, you need to go to a good rheumy. Read up and be "educated" so you can participate in finding out what is going on.

    Good Luck, Keep us posted,
    Welcome to the board