I am new to this site 26 YEARS with this nightmare, HEIP

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    Hi, My name is Robin, I have lived in Jacksonville Fl. all of my 53 years. I LOVE cats, all animals but cat is my favorite.I found an angel on earth 33 years ago when I met my husband. I am very very bleesed with my husband, I would not have lived this long without his love, concern,and support. My pain started 26 years ago, I was told for many years by many Dr.'s that it was in my head. No one had ever heard of fibro or c.f.s. back then. I then was told "strained muscles", years go by and I am told "stress" I finally got ticked and told them I did'nt give a damn WHAT they "called" it just do something,I cannot take this PAIN!!!! I did have a Dr. mention fibro about 10-12 years ago, O.K. what now I asked? Not much we can do, keep taking anti depreesants and xanex. I have been on xanex for 26 years for insomnia and panic attacks. Antidepre. for 26 years, all differant ones some worked a while (for deppres.) not the pain, I keep having to change. The last one I tried, cymbalta. NO WAY, it was horrible for me.I have been doing a lot of web surfing the past week, that is how I ran across this site. THANK GOODNESS, I found it. I have to go to goverment hospital for Dr. appt's and everything else Ineed. They did a nerve condution study, said I had pinched nerves in both wrist, both elbows and my neck, nothing they could do about it! HELLO?? Why do the test then??? No answer. M.R.I. showed buldgeing disc in c3, c4, and c5. Nothing they can do about it. I have been sleeping in a wrist band for carpal tunnel about 12 years, I had hmo insurance when I was diagnosed, the Dr. said "it will go away" YEAH RIGHT! After 2 years of complaining I finally was given an appt. with a Rheomo Dr. She said she confirmed the fibro and said I have osteoartritis in my hands. Sh ordered xrays both hands, spine and blood work, follow up for results in 5 months. ABSURD!!!! This is what you get when you have no money or insurance. I bet if I walked in with a million bucks I would have back to back appts. and at least some pain relief withen a month.I swear if I won the lottery I would GIVE it to ANYONE who could get rid of my pain, it is unbearable! As we all know stress makes it worse, well this June will be 2 years since my husband had emergency surgery for a ruptured brain annyurism, did not know for two weeks if he was goig to survive, theDr. said 80% of people who have this, drop dead, he was a miracle! he had to have a 7th stent put in chest 6 months later, three months after that he had to have both kidneys stented. STRESS?? an understatement, if he goes, I go. Right after the brain surgery i went to the Physc. to refill my xanex,nope he said only a 30 day script so I could get off it. I guess he is unaware that to get off xanex that quick can KILL you, I explained that my husband had to another stent in his chest(they figured this out while doing brain surgery) as soon as the brain healed enough, 6 or 7 months and I was too paniced to even consider going off it at a time like this, he shrugged his shoulders and said" get it somewhere else then" I have to scrape up enough money every 3 months to go tomy old Dr. to get my xanex. My husband is on 100% s.s. disabilaty and I am only able to work 8 hours a week. Money is tight. ANOTHER STRESS. Well I probably hold the record for the longest post now lol, I could go on and on but I am afraid I may wear out my welcome, if I have'nt already? Not to mention my neck shoulders and wrist kill me when I get on the p.c. I welcome ANY and ALL advice any one can offer. THANK YOU so much for this site. HUGS to all, Robin
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    Hello Robin,

    like what was mentioned earlier, allot of us have very similar stories.

    Not very comforting I know, but at least you found the right place

    Welcome, look around, this place can definitely keep you busy.

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    ((((( WECOLME ROBIN )))) I'm sorry to hear about all the stress you've been going through. just remember you found a safe place here.

    WE CALL IT HOME> THIS IS OUR FAMILY, AND IT GROWS VERY FAST. hang in there , and you could never wear out your welcome, this is what familys are for , to listen when one needs to vent, where you can cry, and say life s-----!

    we give you a soft warm hug! your new friend and

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    Please do us a HUGE favor.. on your post go into "edit" on the left side and make your post into paragraphs. Just go every 6 lines or so, at a period, and bring it down a couple of spaces.

    Many of us with fibro have real difficulty reading a post that is continuous.

    Thanks so much!!!!
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    I would give you a big hug right now if I could. Don't worry about the long post, I think when most of us found this board we had a lot to unload at first. I have only been here a short while and it has been a wonderful help. To know that you have people who understand what you are going through and will listen.

    I know you are worried about hubby, but it sounds like he is a tough one, and is probably more worried about you than himself. So do yourself a favor and do something enjoyable, even if it is read a book or watch a movie, libraries are good for both and there is no charge. bubble baths are fun too, hot water can help with the pain, too.

    You will make it through this, it just seems like a tall hill to climb. You have my best wishes and thoughts for things to get better.

    Keep Hope.
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    Just wanted to welcome you to our family/friends.

    Wow! you've been dealing with this a very long time.
    Bless you~
    I loved reading your intro post.
    Thank you for taking the time to type all that~
    Its hard living/struggling with these illnesses.

    Mine hit me at 29 yrs old. Way too young to hafta live like this!! just my opinion.
    (I'm 44 now) feel like 80,....at least :)

    I'm glad you found us and hope you stick around.
    I've found it helpful just to be in touch with others that KNOW what I'm going thru.
    Take care,
    Nice meeting you
  7. pain333

    pain333 New Member

    Thanks for the hugs and welcome. I am sorry I did not reply sooner. I think I just figured out how to do it?? (reply)??????
  8. pika

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    welcome! i'm glad you found this place...it is GREAT and really is a supportive and helpful family that understands!

    pickles, this is the first time i've happened on your wonderful post for coping! and thank you for all you do to increase awareness and support! i so admire your energy and determination! (hugs)

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