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    i have been in treatment for 3months no results,i also just had a high ana show upin my blood, i have an unusal amount of pain that no pain meds are even touching has anyone had severe pain that was disabling,i never feel any different my symptoms are always there and i gotsick real fast in less than a year,my eyes are very dry all the time,i have an llmd ,but i amwondering why ihave such horriable pain and cannot move my upper back or neck at all,i have had these symptomsfor a year before i went to llmd,i am scared because i stay the same,the pain stays the same,i just started billican shots thursday,andi donot know what a herx is because i have been in one since i started the same,my imngex was postive ,but cdc negative,is lyme hard to get rid of or ami not responding because i do not have it, does this ever happen or are the llmds always right,just curious if i amdoing the right thing
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    hi KathyH1
    I don't know what all your acronyms mean, but I'll try to help you with my limited knowledge.

    I was positive for lyme at first, and they thought they had something, but my second test came out negative so we had to start back at ground zero. Lyme, if discovered early, can be treated successfully.

    I finally got diagnosed with Fibro about a year and a half later. Pain meds did not work on me either and antidepressants made me worse. much worse.

    The pain is relentless and seems only to get worse. I was finally prescribed Lyrica, which is for epileptics. This has been the only single thing that has helped with the pain.

    I say the pain only gets worse because if I forget to take the Lyrica, I find out real fast how the pain comes back and puts me back into the bed reeling until I pass out. Unfortunately I have to take a very high dose and I'm afraid I'm developing a tolerance for it.

    I wish there was an answer for the pain but none of us have that answer yet.

    If you will search Hayleycoles, and lanjees threads on Myrapex (spell), on your search thingy on the top left of your screen, and research this, you may find a short cut on your future pain. If your Dr is willing to go with it.

    Be careful what ever you do and do your researh. you can find almost anything you're looking for on this site.

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    Sorry to hear your in such pain. I am not sure about lyme, but there are some people on here up to date on it all.

    Definately do a search on this site,it is a wealth of information, and if you still can't find what you are after, put lyme or another key word in the heading of your topic- you will have a better chance of getting your questions answered.

    Hope you find some relief soon
    Hugs maedaze :eek:)
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    Just a quick note to say Hello and Wecome to this board. As other's have already said, the people here are great and give you lots of info.

    I don't know your acronyms either, but keep posting and be specific in your title for greater response.

    I was diagnosed with FM this year. It has been a long, painful process to find a Dr. who "gets it". I think I have one now. He is a rheumaetoligist(sp), specialist in Arthritis and immune disorders. We are,together, gettin a game plan on how to treat, since there is no "cure". So far, it's antidepressants, sleep meds, and pain meds.

    I'm feeling a bit better, getting more seep,and with the pain meds, I am able to work full time and still have energy left for "me".

    Take care & (((hugs)))

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    As you have already seen, there are lots of nice people here to share info, experiences, etc.

    You can do research or search for a dr. by clicking on the appropriate areas in purple above.

    Welcome to the Board.
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    Welcome Kahty< I am sorry you are having so much pain I know hoe miserable that can be.

    I have spen may of days in the winter time mostly soaking in my bath tub trying ti get the pain to go away.

    I don't have accsess to any kind of sauna or hot tub so the shower and the bath tub are my friends.
    I have done the epsom salt soak and the apple cider vinigar soak and the just plainold bubble bath.

    They fell great while I;m in there but as soon as I get out the pain comes right back.

    I have not found a maggic solution for myself yet the best thing I have found for me so far is Lunesta wihch I just recently tried from desperation.

    I sleep really good with that. I have tried all the antioxadant driks I still drink cran grape and cran rasberry I hav tried the pomegrantit blueberry drink

    and I love cherrys but have not tried the drink.

    and I don't really eat them much in the winter time becuse they are not in season.