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    hi ihave been in treatment for 3months no improvement,i have severe pain and i amon pretty strong pain meds ,does anyone else haveunrelenting 24/7 pain with no relief even with pain meds,i am also solimited i cannor drivee,it is hard toshower,and i only went undignosed for a year,donot understand why i amso sick,i tested postive through imngex not cdc our llmds ever wrong and will i get better,iamnow on bicllin shots,i feelthe same everyday no waxing or wanig 24 hr 7 days a week pain and not feelin right,is this unusual to be deblitated,i amanixious to get well for i have been in this kind of pain forover a year and in treatment for3months feel no different,i also just found out ihad a high ana which could indicate an autoimmune disordedd,will iever get better pleasehelp i amso scared andin so much pain. thaqnk you
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    It sounds like some bands came up positive on Igenex's Western Blot, but not all the ones the CDC requires? Did you find you felt worse after beginning treatment, ie, getting a herxheimer reaction where symptoms were exacerbated? That usually indicates you're on the right track for diagnosis and/or treatment.

    The thing is, what we were told and have read, there are over 100 varieties of Bb/Lyme spirochete in USA, so different abx work better on different strains. We were also told it is important to take Flagyl every so often in order to dissolve the cyst form of Lyme, where the immature spirochetes 'hibernate'.

    You may also have some co-infections, the most common are babesia, bartonells, and/or ehrlichia, which also need to be treated. The blood tests for them are even more unreliable... and remember no blood test is 100% effective in detecting infections.

    If you've had an exacerbation of your pain/herxheimer reaction to getting the shots of abx, you might ask if you can take a brief break from the shots. Bb's replication rate is relatively slow, 28 days (compared to strep's 20 minute replication cycle!), so taking 1 or 2 weeks off is not a bad thing necessarily if your body needs it.

    Read thru some of the posts here... others have had pain that finally remitted.......... also read the info that is available at ilads.org and look at the links.... lots of information available.

    Hope this helps, I know it is a rough deal.

    All the best,

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