I am no longer SCARED witless!!

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  1. dorothyanne

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    This is my first time posting here; I usually reside at the ChitChat board.

    My daughter woke me out of a sound sleep, phoning long distance, at 6:15 this a.m. She was in tears as she hasn't slept in at least 2 days. My little grandson is so sick. She took him to the doctor last night with a temp of 105 due to an ear infection. The antibiotics, thankfully, kicked in quickly and the fever broke. He is in such pain that he screams most of the time, and my daughter can't put him down as he's desperate for comforting. I realize, and remember, that young ones spike fevers so quickly, but he is also suffering so badly.

    Adrienne just phoned me, in tears again, as she's on her way to the hospital with the baby. She can't even hold him now; he wants down, then he throws himself around on the floor screaming!

    Here I am 300 kms away, sitting helplessly waiting for her progress call. Now I'm in tears as I pray for all I'm worth. Please pray for us.

    Love, Dorothyanne

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  2. queenbee69

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    Just read your post. I also am new to this board. I'm and also new to the fundimentals of praying, I will though send some good thought your way and hope for an end to your grandsons pain. I have grandchildren myself and can feel your anguish. Please keep us posted on his recovery...queenbee
  3. dorothyanne

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    My daughter took Kelland to the ER -- and was told it would be a long wait. Here in Ontario, really long waits are the norm. The little guy made so much noise in his pain that the doctor saw him immediately.

    I'm so thankful to report that the problem is still from the ear infection, exacerbated by exhaustion on the part of both mom and babe. The doctor gave him codeine to knock him out for some healing sleep. I just pray my daughter takes the time he's sleeping to get some rest. She's liable to go on a cleaning frenzy!

    Having gone through all the childhood illnesses with 3 children, I know how my daughter is feeling. It just hurts to be so far away and feel so helpless.

    I am so very thankful to the ladies on the boards for their encouraging words and prayers.

    Love and gentle hugs, Dorothyanne
  4. Shirl

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    I am so sorry for you little grandsons pain. It is horrific to have an ear infection. I know this 'first hand', and being an adult I can vouch for the pain he is in.

    Its not like a toothache, you can pull the tooth and get relief, but you can't extract the ear!

    I will be praying for this little guy, that is awesome pain. I can understand how he is reacting to it. I could have beat my head against a wall with the ear pain.

    Will continue to pray for him untill you let us know he is well again.

    God bless, and many blessings going out to him and your daughter. I know its awful that you can't be there with them both.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. Harmony

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    I'll be praying for your little grandson. I'm sorry I didn't see your post yesterday. I pray by now he is doing better. Earaches can be very painful and when they are little, they just don't understand what is going on and the parents/grandparents feel so helpless. I know it is hard for you not living close by to be there. It's comforting to know that our heavenly father is right there with him taking care of him. He will be in my prayers until I hear that he is ok. Please let us know how he is.

    Welcome to the Worship Board!

  6. dorothyanne

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    when my daughter phoned a few minutes ago. Kelland was running around chasing the monster dog (95 lb Lab) and chortling with glee. Adrienne was laughing too.

    The doctor at the hospital had given Kelland a dose of codeine to knock him out for a restful sleep last night. He didn't fall asleep for 3 hours!! but did sleep peacefully through the night! He still has the infection and the antibiotics, but is his normal self. Thank God!! and thank all you ladies for your prayers and encouragement.

    I prayed all day for mom and babe, but knowing that there was the power of a group praying for him buoyed me up. Thank you all.

    God bless you,

    Love and gentle hugs, Dorothyanne

    P.S. Now it's time for me to destress!
  7. Harmony

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    I am so happy to hear the good news that your grandson is feeling better and even laughing! I thank God with you for answered prayer. God bless you!

  8. queenbee69

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    So happy to hear that your grandson is on his way to being back to normal....nothing is worse than an earache. Now put your mind to ease and enjoy your holidays! queenbee
  9. guestpaula

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    Which I could have been there for you in your time of need. So glad things turned out allright. My prayers are with you and your daughter and the new babe.

    Blessed Be,