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    MY daughter is comming to stay for the weekend as her hubby has drill. I need to get the house cleaned up and get everything out and off the floor so that my 10 mouth old grandbaby won't eat everything from the floor. HE is a doll and he loves to be a human vaccum cleaner. And my husband is a diebetic and does not take good care of the srynges and they are on the living room floor. I cleaned them all up to night and yelled at him to keep them OUT of the living room. And to dispose of them the right way. I got mad as if our grandson gets a hold of one he could get hurt or stab him self and get what little insulin that is left in the srynge. I don't think he thinks of this but I was and still am mad for him not taking repsonsabiliy for his medical stuff.

    So I got some old pop bottles and since all of the srynges have there caps on them I put them in the bottles and then put them in some boxes and sealed them with tape and threw then away. I called our hospital who used to burn the srynges and they don't so they were the ones who said to put them in pop bottles and then box them up and tape the box shut and make it so that there are no rattles. so I did that.

    I then lifted the couch cousions from the couch and wanted to vaccum them as I saw a mouse the other day and now I have some mouse traps abound but I tried to lift the vaccum and it hurt me and then I vaccumed the couch to get all the junk from it. I hope taht I will cath that darn mouse before they get here on friday. I have not seen the darn mouse in a few days as i also have put decon in palces where the baby can't get to them like under the stove and under the kitchen drawers the spot I put it is inside the frame of the cupboards so the baby can't get to them but I don't like decon as it smells when the mice die, And then I oladed the dishwer and cleaned off the stove and the counters and suddenly I was in so much pain that i was in tears. I know that I did far to much but I had this burst of energy and I used it up and more.

    My hubby said that my feeling so tired adn hurting so much is because I don't do this often enough but that is not true as I do laundry every day and I do the dishes too. But tonight I was in so much pain that it was not nromal for me. I hope that I will feel better. BEfore they come to stay on the weekend. I am so upset that I am so fatiqued and I want to get this house done and claned before they come. I hate it that I am so fatiqued like this and when it comes on so suddenly it upsets. I know that something was not right to night. I hate this fibro. I don't want to get so tired taht I can't do the daily things I need to do.

    I will stop whinning about things now. I just needed to vent and let me relax so I won't lose it with my hubby. Any way thanks for letting me vent I really needed it. I thank yous so much. Take care and HUGS to all
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    Rose before the grandkid gets there on friday I would dispose of the decon. As you know when a kid puts their will to get something there is a way.

    I use decon in my house also and have found the pellets in places where I didn't put them, darn rodents were saving them for a feast party or something.

    I would hate to hear that your grand kid found a stash of these pellets and did what the little ones of that age do with anything they find on the floor.

    I hope you are feeling better by the time they arrive so you can enjoy the time with your grandkid while he is their.

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    We stopped using decon years ago and switched to the poison blocks. They are small and look like a chunk of wax and can be put just about everywhere. The mice do not carry pieces away.

    I hope you're feeling better by the weekend.
  4. rosemarie

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    I will get rid of the old dcon pellets. I don't thinks that the baby could get to them as they are under the cabnets . My cabnets were built with a base on them that has lots of empty spaces and the only way to get in to them is to take out the draws and he can't do that yeat and they are way in the bacjk of this empty space, I don't think that hery will be any were else as I have not esen then but I will get out the go in and get rid of the decon.

    What I really want are the ones that are electric one s taht use soundwaves to get rid of the mice and spiders and other pests too. But I don't know if they really work and they are spendy too. But If they did work they would be the ones I wanted.
    Thanks for you suggestionns I always think they are great and you all understand so much I really thank you for so much. Your all such a big helpl Thanks so much.
    Love ya,

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