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    okay I jsut signed up for this today, cause I don't really no what else to do. As of this monday my doctors have finally came out to say "We have no idea whats wrong with you." I suffer from some form of chronic pain that affects my entire body, I also have some other things wrong with me. I've had this since I was a young teenager around seventh grade, it slowly became worse and now it can be pretty bad, it effects both my bones and my muscle or it feels that way. I have had a lot of blood tests all come back saying that I am okay. The only thing that says diffrent is me, I am very lucky to have a doctor that at least pretends to beleive me. I also tried to get in to see a Rhuematologist, but they sent me a letter telling me there was no point my regular doctor has ran all the tests that they would have. They currently have me on Etodolac but all it has done is keep the pain at on level, and removed my constant headaches. So what should I do now? is there anything I can bring up with my doctor, any test, I am really looking for any tidbit of help.

    Thank you - OSZ