I am really going to pay for this now and later OUCHY

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    OH my achy breacky body, why did you do what you did last night?
    I know that it was fun to get in the pool and really work out like when I was really young , but as I worked out I found out that young I am not. So I am going to pay for this.

    I was just doing what my daughter thought would help me to get more fitter but I just should have quittered a little sooner. The deep end water arobics were so much fun as was the young lady teaching it. She thought I could bend my knees and kick my butt with them ,& then I was to bend them enough to hold my feet in my hands, That funny girl.Doesn't she know that my feet and my hands have not met each other in years?

    Then I was to grab my toes too and that would not do or I could not do. I knew that I should stop or slow down for but a moment but do you really think I did? No for I must show all who were there what I could do. It turned out that there is not much that I cnd do.

    Yes water arobics is fun but you must first train your brain not think like it feels I can and should be able to do. But it needs to be trained to think that I am 90 years old and moves like this I can not do.

    OH woe is me for the fun I had I surely will pay. It was fun and I learned that I must from the beginning take. DOn't do the advanced workout as my brain was telling me too do.
    I heard my muscles, knees,& back all acreaming " Slow down, don't do that move , we are sore right now so think of us tomorrow you will be doing.

    So I am paying for the fun of my first class of water arobics, But I have learned that my knees do not move like that and neither does the rest of my body sway this way and that way. Because I am really going to PAY FOR What I did today!

    I did what my duaghter asked me to do , I boght a pass for the deep end water arobics and I went to the first class little did I know that the teacher was hyper and moves faster than a speeding child. The way she did the moves made them look so east to do but they really are not . MY knees don't bend back wards but they feel like they did. MY legs the splits do not do but tell it to my thighs for they are complaing too from being streached to far.

    I Know that this sounds so silly but even my fingers hurt this early in the morning, my wrist is whining too and the pain is awful too. Thank heaven I don't hvae t do this till next week and monday is still a few days away for me.

    But I will not quit even though pain I am really in. I just won't do the things I tried tonight. I will go much slower doing things in my own way so that when I am done I will not pay in pain as now I am.

    I don't know what has gotten in to me with the ryming stuff it was not meant to be this way. I wanted to share this experance of my first class of water arobics , It was fun and the ladies there in class were really nice. I really did enjoy this class and I will keep on going as it is only for 1 month. I just have to go much slower my speed not what the teacher is doing.

    She was really nice she over heard me talking to a lady in the group and told me to NOT wear the floats taht go on oyour feet, with the knees that I have and the surgery I have had on one of them she feels that I will do more damage than good you know. She was really good and knew alot about fibro and MPS and will help me to do the things that are best for me.

    So the only problem that I see is----- to find a water proof misquitieo spray{ sp} as the darn things are waiting for youas you wait to get in the water and they wait and BITE YOR HEAD, So I must find some thing that will stick to me so that those bugs will bother me NOT.
    I know itch from my head to my toes it goes along with the pain don't you know. So I am going to take my anti itch medication so that I don't scratch my skin right off of me.

    I really did like the class and the instructer was so kind to me and really helpfull and she told me things that I didn't know about fibro and MPS. I should avoid doing some of the exercises and I will but I also should do the work out at my own speed and gait.

    I was going to go in to the showers and rinse off but I knew if I stopped for a monent I would not get up and go so I dried off and put the extra towel on the seat of the car and drove home as fast as my fat little legs would go you know. I got home and walked donw the steps and in to my bath room and in the shower I went.

    I Knew that while a tub would feel oh so good. I knew taht if I sat down in my tub and relaxed I would have trouble getting out of it. So I took a quick shower and still I didn't know just how badly fatiqued I really was as I rinsed off the shampoo I shut my eyes and I suddenly was so dizzy that I grabed at the wall adn leaned in to it so I would not fall. I didn't fall but I sure lost my balance I think. so the time has come for me to go to bed. MY heart has stopped racing so I can rest now.
    I will tale to you all later OK?

    I am in so much pain but as they say "NO PAIN NO GAIN"
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    Since the instructor understands your condition, you should soon figure out how to do the class in a way that is both fun and beneficial for you. Sometimes no pain IS gain.
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    I used to do alot of water arobics!! it's fun but you have to ease in to it!!...................................................................I really enjoyed reading your post about your outing!! made me giggle with all the rhyming and all! glad your home safe and on your way to a comfy bed!!
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    Yesterday I had to prune a lot of the shrubs that are touching the house as sometime when the weather cools we have to paint.

    I went to the pool and just lay there floating on a spongey loop for an hour.

    But even so, I am still achey. No matter how we overdo it we pay!!!

    Love Anne C

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