I am retaining so much water!!!!!!!

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  1. mapessd

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    I have gained almost 50 lbs in about 6-7 mo. my legs, hands and sometimes my face are all balooned out its really bad ..Amd the pain has been soo bad the last couple of weeks and at times thought about going into er, but didn't
    I go to my FP on thurs and i think im going in and tell her to do something NOW and try me on lasix or i will go to Home Depot and get me a saw .. I hate looking and feeling like this all the time I think my legs might (i hope)feel a little better if i could get some of the swelling down
    Thanks for listening and Wish me luck
    Soft Hugs

  2. sarahfemme

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    I seem to be retaining water, too, and am not sure why. My doc says none of my meds should be doing this; I do't eat much salt, and I drink lots of water. Just one of those mysteries of FMS, I suppose....

  3. PatPalmer

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    Found this article - hope it helps you.

    Oedema is the accumulation of excess water under the skin or in the body cells.
    This retention of fluid appears as swelling.
    It causes swelling of the fingers, legs, ankles, feet, abdomen & breasts.

    The chief contributing factors causing this condition are ...

    - Food Intolerance

    - poor diet (high sugar & salt intake)

    - abuse of laxatives

    - abuse of diuretics

    - abuse of drugs

    - contraceptive pills

    - HRT

    - poor kidney function

    - IBS

    - poor food digestion

    - heart problems

    - protein or thiamine deficiency

    - varicose veins

    - sodium retention (poor magnesium & calcium balance)

    - phlebitis

    - poor magnesium & calcium balance in the body

    - PMT

    - pregnancy

    - allergic reaction

    - high carbohydrate diet

    Poor diet and therefore poor nutritional status is the most important factor here as high salt & convenience food intake (these foods are full of sodium preservatives and other harmful chemicals) will override the body's ability to maintain the ideal ratio of the minerals that naturally maintain the balance of fluid within cells and under skin.

    Oedema cannot be corrected until the mineral balance is restored within the body. Once this has been achieved, the excess Sodium and accompanying water retention will be expelled.

    We agree with short term use of diuretics to reduce excess fluid when the patients health is in danger, but we do not agree with the long term use of these drugs...

    The reason being is that these drugs deplete the body of potassium, magnesium, zinc etc. This applies to the potassium sparing types too. These minerals are precisely the minerals required to maintain the correct amount of sodium and therefore fluid within the body so the condition is made worse over time by the diuretics.
    They also overtax the kidneys and could cause permanent damage in long term use.

    Correcting dietary habits / food intake with the reduction of salt & preservatives combined with an increase in various vitamins & minerals is the correct procedure for long term results.


    Correct dietary habits i.e. eliminate added salt & junk foods
    Increase vegatable intake
    Increase fluid intake
    Increase exercise levels

    The following supplements have been found beneficial.

    Fennel seed
    Vitamin B Complex
    Vitamin B6
    Celery seed
    Uva Ursi

    I have posted on fennel seed (Flaxseed Oil) and was going to suggest trying it for a while.


  4. anniegetyourgun

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    I've been having the same kind of excessive edema as you describe. The past few days it's been particularly bad due to the regular pre-menstrual bloating.

    This a.m. I had a lymphatic massage which did wonders for reducing the swelling in my feet, ankles and legs. B6, elevating your feet (even when sitting at a desk) and walking help too. (Although it's hard to walk when you can barely bend your feet and ankles!) Hope you find some relief.
  5. nancyneptune

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    My feet and ankles, face and hands, and my big fat gut! All are full of water 15 lbs. worth. The doctor won't even try to find out why I retain water. Barely would give me a very low dose diuretic. In the summer it is extraordinary! My feet look like I have elephantitis. My friends and fam remark in shock on them. Why don't you go to the doctor they say. Told them I did, he didn't care. They are aghast. lol. What you gonna do. Another fibro special.
  6. healing

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    I know that Vioxx can cause this.

    My DO does this to remedy edema:

    2 weeks of nothing but watermelon OR kiwi. (yes, you can do this! it's not bad! you can eat as much as you want!)

    Then add in raw organic fruits, nuts, veggies, and fish (as in sushi), but nothing cooked. 3-4 weeks.

    Gradually add in cooked wholegrain rice, etc.

    The first time I did this, I lost 10 lbs of excess fluids. Obviously, check with your med professional before doing this.

  7. Sandyz

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    One thing I have found that helps is to drink tea. Its a natural diuretic. I read this in a diet book by Victoria Principal. She said she drinks tea to get rid of excess water weight. It doesn`t get rid of all of it but it helps quite a great deal. I drink a lot of decaf ice tea but hot tea would work also.
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  8. mapessd

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    Thank you all so much for all the enfo...
    I can't wait till thurs. i am going into the drs and lay it all out on the line .. I wall keep you all informed
  9. lassiecass

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    Hi Sue,
    I just saw this post and wanted to add my 2 cents. I also have had alot of swelling in feet and ankles. I take lasix and potassium and use Chinese accupuncture for relief of pain and swelling. It has been so helpful in relieving both symptoms. Also Celebrex and Flexeril cause water-retention. Hope this helps. Have a great night.
    Sandy (Cass)
  10. mapessd

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    Well had my Dr appt and all went well i think ..I have heard so many saying Topamax is great for the pain and it helps with weight loss... Well the Dr put me on it and she ran another hyroid test because last one was low and she changed my meds .. With everthing going on she thinks thyroid might still be off ,,Amd she gave me a diuretic to try and see if it helps .. So everyone pray for me in hopes it works
    Thanks & hugs
  11. PatPalmer

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    Let us know how you get on, fingers crossed.

    Love Pat.
  12. mapessd

    mapessd New Member

    And all is normal .. And when i weighed myself i have peeedaway 6lbs i think this is working wonders !!!!
    Thanks to all