I am safe in Wisconsin...

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    I posted this on Doxy's support thread for me...but wasn't sure everyone would see it there...so wanted to repost this...I am ok...shaky to be sure...but ok....

    I am safe once again! 09/11/07 06:33 AM

    First let me say THANK YOU to Doxy for starting this thread..what a treat for me this particular morning...as this is the day the first paper towards divorce will be filed..and I am filled with sadness that THIS is how this long marriage will end.

    The move went as well as I could have hoped...the last and only words he said to me on Sat. was 'what time can I come back here'...I said I would be done by dinner...he said ok..and left the house.

    What he came back to was a MESS..AND his son left as well..and I heard later via my daughter that he was shocked by that. Well, IF he would have spent any time talking with Brian..he would have known how unhappy and stressful it was for him. But..the man knows not how to have a relationship..that is obvious now..and so he lost much more than his marriage.

    I am doing ok, although the move did me in ..and FM is hitting hard now. But the stress is definately lower here...so I have hope that the pain will lessen as the days pass. I knew that I would crash at some point, and boy did I!LOL Other people don't understand that..but I know you all do!

    My boys are being amazing..they lift me up when the tears come..they are HERE for me for what ever I need. I actually managed a trip to the grocery store yesterday...That was about ALL I did..but it sure did feel great to do such a normal thing! I did end up getting the good car..so travel will be a bit easier for me now. I am a bit familiar with the area of Milwaukee I am living..but I need some help finding my way around. But it is a nice area of town..and safe...and I will be ok here.

    I am so overwhelmed by all your support. I guess as women, with an illness, what happened to me is a fear that we all think about at some point in time. I hope that none of you is ever faced with this! I am proud of how I am moving thru this journey. Yes, it has been overwhelmingly hard at times, but somewhere inside me I knew I could find my way.

    I don't know what awaits me in this part of my life, but my son and his girlfriend both have said that when I am up to it..they want to show me 'their' city! My son invited me already to watch football this sunday at a friends house...LOL Not sure I will be up to that...but how sweet of him to include his ol' mom.

    Life is very different now...but it is not bad...just different...and I am working on staying positive..and not looking backward...only forward. I feel like now that I have come this far...going back would be the wrong choice for me...even if 'he' wakes up one day and thinks he made a mistake. I am done with that part of my life...I can never allow him the chance to hurt me again.

    So, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, your support has helped me stay strong and make my way thru this journey...I will continue to let you know I am ok for awhile..and I am now looking forward to being able to support you all on days you need it too!

    Love and hugs from Wisconsin,
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    Thanks for the update, it's wonderful to hear you've managed this huge step in the next chapter of your life.

    Take care of yourself, be proud...


    Nancy B
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    I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well, but I'm glad you survived the move and your children sound like they are truly angels...

    good luck and try to rest a little

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    Dear Suzan'

    I am so glad that the move is finally over for you. Sorry you are not feeling well but then again who ever does with this DD, etc. Stress does terrible things to your body. I know that one for sure, even if my problems were not not brought on by my DH.

    You are a very strong lady and I know you will do well given time to adjust to your new surroundings, etc. I know the lack of stress from your X will be good for you.

    Continuue to keep us updated on your progress. Your family sounds wonderful and how sweet of your son to invite you to watch a football game with his friends. That surely would help to keep you young !!

    Thanks for keeping in touch with us and may you have loads of good luck to you in your new place !!! Yes, continue to think positive. Just remember that it couldn't be as bad as what you were going through lately when X told you he didn't want to be married any more. I know what a sad thing it is esp. when you have been married for quite awhile. My daughter (Susan) with an S went through a similar situation with 3 children a couple of years ago, even though it was she who broke it off, for VERY GOOD reasons.

    Now, it is on to the next and much better chapter in your life. I am sure of it !!!

    God bless you !!

    Many warm hugs to you,

    Granni (Marilyn)
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