I am seeing a ANP...Adult Nurse Pratictioner......will SSD listen

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suziieq, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. suziieq

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    I have been seeing an ANP because I do not have insurance and they have a sliding fee scale. I have applied for SSDI recently and am wondering if anyone knows if her reports will hold weight as a doctors would?

    I would appreciate any imput from anyone.

    She is so great the best and nicest person i have ever seen. She is open and honest and I even like her in spite of the fact that she can't do a darn thing for me ....lol

    She wrote a diagnosis of Major depression for me today. Seeing it written on paper made me cry and cry. It is one thing to say you are depressed....another I think to have it validated in this way.

    The FM and CFS and the rest is hard enough.....

    Thanks in advance
  2. rock961

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    I don't know that SSI administration would look down on nurse practitioner vs DR. But getting it down on paper really helps your case. The more the merrier. Since your not working you might want to visit your local mental health clinic, having more then one medical proffessional diagnosing you with the same ailments is very helpful for your SSI case. I know it kind of sucks being diagnosed w/certain illnesses,but, I have learned to laugh with it. I keep my family amused,it seems whenever they call I've had a new diagnosis for the day. Everytime they visit for the holidays they end up visiting me in the hospitol. But, I find it alot better to laugh otherwise I'd be crying.
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    that is trying to help you as much as she can. There are alot of Doctors that would'nt be as kind.So many of them have made me feel as though this is all in my head so if you have some one thats honest and helpful and straight forward you've come a long way baby. Hang in there Danisue
  4. suziieq

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    She is a splendid lady and she did write it down and gave me a refferal to a mental health clinic where i hope I can also be seen.

    I appreciate the help from this board....the support means so very much
  5. abalone

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    Just to let you know . . .

    I am a family nurse practitioner in North Carolina and this state does not accept disability declarations from nurse practitioners. I am not sure if that would vary from state to state or not. That said, if it is from a private company rather than the state, they may accept it. I have found that some do and some don't. I have a hard enough time getting Medicaid and Medicare to cover some of the treatment plans I prescribe for my patients since I am not an MD.
    Good Luck.