I am so afraid right now - mammogram results

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KayL, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. KayL

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    As if this week weren't bad enough. I had my 4th prolotherapy on my elbows yesterday and they have never hurt as much. My back has been messed up for 3 weeks so my doc injected some trigger points with anesthetic yesterday, can't use cortisone due to the prolo in my arms. It didn't help at all.

    I haven't made a full day at work once this week because of feeling so bad/in so much pain. Only managed half a day today.

    So this afternoon I get a call from my PCP about my mammogram results. She thought my GYN had already called me, which he has NOT. She said they found a 1 CM nodule and I have to go back Wednesday for more angles and an ultrasound.

    I am so upset and scared right now and I can't stop crying. I feel like I just can't take anything else happening to my body right now.

  2. catnip51

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    I just went through this with my girlfriend. She just came home from the hospital. They found a lump on her to and she was petrified for weeks waiting for results. She had surgery yesterday and everything is going well. Try to relax and think positive which I know is hard, my friend was a basket case and with every reason but it doesn't help to stress more with worry. These mammograms are done for a reason and hopefully with keeping up with our yearly's there is a very good chance things will be ok. I just had my done the other day and waiting also for results and the waiting is the toughest. It could also be a cyst which a ultra sound will tell you that. I had one last year and I was scared to so I know what your feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. shoshi68

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    thing happened a year ago. She had to have surgery but is recovering well. The worst part was recovering from anesthesia (makes her feel sick). She made me laugh when she said that it was the best sleep she's had in years! No matter what the further tests say, don't give up on humor and faith.

    Pain is so horrible, and every thing we do is full of effort. The people who have a good attitude and are more optimistic, recover from the worry/ stressors- and are better off for it. Wishing you the best of news.

  4. libra55

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    Hi, I had a breast mass on my mammogram a few years back. I had the ultrasound which showed it was a solid mass. I was scared stiff at this news. I had a surgical biopsy; it turned out to be what's called a fibroadenoma which is a benign tumor. Many women have them. I will hope that is what yours is, and good thoughts to you. Michelle
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    you're in so much pain and have this to worry about as well.

    Like others here I had a couple of scares in the past and there's a history of breast cancer in my mother's family so I know how you feel. Mine turned out to be cysts, my mother had them, and now my sister has too. We've all been ok so far so I sincerely hope the same applies to you.


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  6. sandy1

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    Karen, I'm going through treatment now, for invasive ductal carcinoma, breast cancer. I'm not going to tell you my story unless you ask, but I am going to give you the best advice I received: TAKE YOUR TIME! Slowly gather the facts,research, and make informed decisions. A 1cm. growth is the smallest most treatable stage. Believe me I know what fear this can cause.If you ever want to talk or question, I try to get to the board at least 3x a week. I haven't licked it yet, but I'm well on my way, I also have FMS and CFIDS, so I may be able to offer you support and some answers. God Bless,hang in there, Sandy1
  7. Iggy_RN

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    I just went thru the same nightmare last week w/a chest x-ray that spotted a mass in lung or lymph nodes. They had me do a CT scan on my chest two days later. I know exactly what you are going thru... "WHy Me?"
    "what if its cancer?" "will I live" I could not stop from crying. Please listen Karen, get on your knees and have a talk w/GOD, cry to him and he will calm your heart and soul. I am fine, nothing showed on the CT scan, I am cancer free! Do not think the worst dear, pray for calmness and serenity and GODS will. I will pray for you, at this point Karen I know you are doing what I did, I thought the worst, because the docs did, I felt a peace later on after prayer, and I thought to myself, whatever it is, I will fight it w/GOds help and go on cuz I want to live... THis whole episode was a wake-up call for me I quit smoking , 11 days now, and I have a zest for life and enjoy it a moment at a time instead of worrying and complaining and being miserable, I feel like I have been given a second chance, sometimes these things can be a blessing to just call us back to simplicity of life and love, I will pray for you girl, and I am holding back tears right now, my heart will be w/you until you ride this out.... W/God's love and blessings, Iggy
  8. KayL

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    10 years and this is the very first time something has shown up. I limit my caffeine due to MVP, 2 cups of coffee in the morning, I rarely drink tea or sodas.

    There's no history of breast cancer in my family that I am aware of. But I have been on HRT since 1995. I had a complete hysterectomy in 1994 and take injectible estrogen every month.

    I've always been paranoid about breast cancer and I am always feeling for lumps or bumps. I don't have any pain and I haven't felt anything different. I am small breasted, so it's not like there's a lot of room for it to *hide*. I figure that whatever it is, it must be sort of deep or in the middle where I really can't feel it.

    I'm just feeling really freaked out right now.

  9. KayL

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    We are neighbors - I live in Destrehan!

  10. Bellesmom

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    My previous radiologist went out of business about 3 years ago, the same time I became very sick with whatever I have (FMS/CFIDS?) and when they called me to pick up my x-rays for reference I was just too sick to go.

    So when I FINALLY had mammograms again in June no one informed me that there was a problem. The new doctor had said everyone contacts you right away, don't worry. Well, after 2 weeks I called, then time passed and after a month I got a little form letter saying I should get another x-ray because there was something they wanted to check. I was on pins, needles and everything. My main concern was why didn't anyone follow thru??? I was beside myself. Plus have no health insurance.

    Anyway - I went in and found out it is probably the place where I had a biopsy done about 16 years ago (my doctor also told me that was caused from caffeine but did I stop drinking coffee??).

    Anyway - I know you are sweating it. I know exactly how you are feeling. There are just no words to describe the fear. Please let us know when you find out something - we all care so much and I will pray for you, I promise.

    Pam from Spanaway, WA
  11. JamieBeth

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    You shouldn't be terrified. Seriously! I know it's new to you, but 99.99999% of the time those things turn out to be nothing. (Not that you shouldn't follow up on it and have regular mammograms in the future...)

    I've had so many different things wrong with my breasts it's not even funny: micro-calcifications, fluid cysts, a large fibroadenoma, etc. And I'm only 33. I've got a new lump in my left breast that was discovered last month, same size as yours, so now I have to get an ultrasound too, just like you. You know what I feel? Inconvenienced, that's what!

    Some of us are "lucky" and have active breast tissue. Sounds like you're one of the "lucky" ones. Most women have something benign show up on a mammogram at least once in their lives.

    Let me know how it turns out.
  12. KayL

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    feel better about this. I also just spoke with my sister who lives in CA, and she told me she's had this happen twice! And that she has fibrocystic breasts. I didn't even know.

    I'll just take a deep breath now, and really *try* not to worry..................