i am so confused! the regime that Rich is on? is this similar to myhills?

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    She has a lot of test can we get these here? I really am confused imagine that and no energy to boot.
    Someone please explain i thought her paper was awesome. I know how horses are and what happens to them.
    So if anybody out there knows what is the difference in yasko and myhill?
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    Hi, hensue.

    I'll try to give you at least my perspective on your questions. Dr. Myhill's views may differ slightly, but we are in agreement on quite a few things.

    First, Dr. Myhill has focused for a several years on the mitochondrial issue in CFS. She, I, and a few others, including Dr. Cheney and Professor Pall, have believed for a long time that the physical fatigue in CFS must be traced to the mitochondria, because the mitochondria produce most of the ATP in the cells, and ATP is what powers the contractions of the muscles.

    The paper she and her coauthors recently published has gone a long way toward establishing on a scientific basis that this is true. Of course, there needs to be replication of their work and other research to check out other possibilities. But in my personal opinion, they have really nailed that issue down.

    What they haven't done is to explain what causes the mitochondrial dysfunction in CFS. They've only showed that it's there, and that the degree of it correlates well with the degree of physical disability of the patients.

    For some time, Dr. Myhill has been recommending a set of supplements to support the mitochondria, and they have helped quite a few of her patients. However, I don't think she would claim that they are a cure for CFS.

    Why are they not a cure? In my opinion, the reason is that they do not address the root issue in the biochemistry in CFS. They do help with one of the main downstream problems in CFS, which is the mitochondrial dysfunction.

    What is the root issue in the biochemistry in CFS? I believe it is a partial block in the enzyme methionine synthase. This interferes with the operation of the methylation cycle and with the folate metabolism, and it is coupled to the depletion of glutathione by a vicious circle mechanism, which is what I believe keeps people ill and makes CFS a chronic disorder.

    If you correct the partial block of methionine synthase, will this be a cure for CFS? In my opinion, it may turn out to be a cure, but we can't say that for sure yet, because not enough people have tried the treatment for a long enough time. Based on the experience so far, it takes times of the order of a year or more consistently on the treatment to clear out the toxins that have accumulated while the person has been ill (because their detox system has not worked properly during this time), and to get control of the infections that have accumulated (because the immune system has also not been working well during this time). Until the toxins and infections are cleared out, the person will have symptoms.

    What's the difference between the full Yasko treatment, the simplified treatment approach that I have suggested, and Dr. Myhill's treatments?

    The full Yasko treatment is directed at controlling excitotoxicity, building up body organs and systems, lifting the methylation cycle block, clearing out the toxins and infections, and rebuilding the myelin in the brain. It is based on analysis of a person's genetic makeup, it involves a lot of lab testing and a lot of supplements. It is complex and relatively expensive. Nevertheless, quite a few people have been trying it.

    The simplified treatment approach was extracted from the full Yasko treatment program. It is specifically directed at lifting the methylation cycle block. It includes only 5 supplements (costing less that $3.00 per day) and a minimum of testing (The Vitamin Diagnostics methylation pathways panel). It is less complex and less expensive than the full Yasko program. However, it doesn't attempt to do everything that the full Yasko treatment does, and some people have added other aspects of the full Yasko program to their use of the simplified treatment approach, to deal with individual issues they have. I am on good terms with Dr. Yasko, and she has supported me in my efforts to make her approach more useable in CFS.

    Dr. Myhill focuses her emphasis on the mitochondrial issue and on supplementing to support the mitochondria, but there are also quite a few other aspects to her protocol for CFS. You can go to her website and get a free electronic copy of her book, which describes the various aspects of her protocol for CFS. More recently, based on interacting with me, she has added a methylation support package to her overall protocol, and it is described on her website. If you put "methylation" in her search box, you will find the more recent version of this package. It is not exactly the same as the simplified treatment approach, because some of the supplements in the latter are not available in the UK (She is located in Wales), but the essence of it is there.

    Can people in the U.S. have the test run that was described in Dr. Myhill's paper? Yes, they can. There is special paperwork that must be filled out to ship blood samples internationally, and the blood samples must get to the lab within a certain time, and must not freeze (as in the cargo hold of an airliner) on the way to England. But quite a few people have successfully done this. I would suggest emailing acumenlab@hotmail.co.uk to get instructions. I think you can also do it through Dr. Myhill (Google her and check her website).

    What would be the benefits to a PWC of having this test run? First, I would suggest getting at least both the ATP Profiles test and the Translocator Protein test, because that will give you a lot more information about what is wrong with your mitochondria. These tests will tell you how well your mitochondria are working. If you have CFS, it is quite likely that you will find that your mitochondria are not working well. This combination of tests will tell you what toxins are blocking your mitochondria, and whether there are abnormalities in the levels of essential minerals. It also looks specifically for certain pesticides and organic solvents. With this information, you will have some guidance about what you need to avoid, and also what toxins you need to try to get out of your body. Several people (mostly women) have learned that they have a chemical from hair dye in their mitochondria, and they are doing sauna treatments to clear it out. Quite a few people have elevated nickel bound to glutathione in their mitochondria. One case I'm aware of involved a person who lived near the World Trade Center when it was attacked, and she had variety of toxins that originated in the materials contained in the WTC.

    I would say that at this point, Dr. Myhill agrees that supporting the methylation cycle is an important thing to do in treating CFS, and she is encouraging her patients to do it, but she probably does not see it as being as fundamental to the whole biochemical mess in CFS as I do. I interact often with her, and we are writing a paper together. I'm hopeful that she will eventually agree with me about this, because I think we are getting more and more evidence that supports it, but time will tell. In the meantime, I'm very happy that Dr. Myhill has gotten her other paper published, and is drawing attention to at least that part of the biochemistry. One thing at a time.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards,


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