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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I don't remeber when I have been so upset and in pain as I have been this past week. I have had more leg aches, joint pain and all over body aches. I felt like I was starting to flare and it didn't have any thing to do with the weather. I have slept less in this past week than before.
    That is what worring aobut money does to me.

    I am on SSDI and now have been on it for 2 yrs , as of OCtober 1, I will be elegiable for medicare benifits. But here was the stressful confusing part. I received a letter saying that I would recieve my Spetember's check on the 3rd Wed. of October. My medicare payment of $96.40 would be taken out from that check.

    I was so upset that I called SS and asked them what was going on..as I knew that I was going to lose a month's worth of my disability. OR at least that was what it sounded to me. I found out that when I get a check on the 3rd wed of each month it is from the month before.

    I really thought that I would not get a check in September, how was I going ot pay for my scripts if I didn't get a check till September 17th?

    I was panicing over this and was so confused about it. I After I spoke to the lady at SSDI I finally understood what was going on.This is how it works I have to write it down for me to understand it. Each check I recieve is from the month before. Such as I will get Augusts check in September, Spetember's check in October and so on.
    This system is confusing to me. I was under the impression that the money I recieved each month was for that month not the month before.

    It is sv 't change. I really need to repeat the serenity prayer and live by it. ACcepting the things I can change, letting go of what I change and the wisdom to knoww the difference.

    I really had my self all worked up over a problem that was not going to happen. I get it now. No more stressing and worring over nothing.
    Maybe I will be able to sleep tonight and not have leg aches. learned that I need to know and accept . It is all worked out now I will get a check in Sptember. It is going to work out lke it should.
    So I can stop stressing over it.

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    Sweetie, stress is absolutely the WORST thing for us. Do you have any stress-reducing exercises or do you meditate? I know it's really had when we have so many problems but it can really help us a lot to learn how to deal with the stress and anxiety which seem to accompany these illnesses.

    I am trying to wean down on my Klonopin and am finding myself feeling anxious and a bit jumpy. I know it's the withdrawal and I am doing everything I can to decrease stress. Praying you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just writing to offer my support. Sorry about the SS. They try to make things as difficult as possible. I'm applying for the second time, and it's taking forever. Every time I have a new health problem I'm supposed to tell them, and then they want yet another report from the doctor.

    Insurance companies try to make things difficult too. Why do you have to pay for your insurance? I thought SSDI paid for it.

    As for physical problems, keep fighting, and yet, learn how to accept gracefully. Get what you can out of life's small pleasures.

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