I am so Depressed and Hurting

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crispangel66, Jan 29, 2006.

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    Lately things just seem to be going downhill. My Son started having more seizures and then I got the flu and now my poor Son has it too. Now my Son has an E.E.G. (24hr) coming up and another sleep study and also his thyroid came back as being too low. Now I have my SSI hearing coming up and it is making feel physically sick. I am so scared I won't get it. I have been trying since my diagnosis about 10yrs ago. But then they had turned me down a while back and I started believeing maybe they were right and that I could work but was just too lazy to do so. Boy did I learn my lesson that way. I decided to work again and I really regretted it. It wasn't even a full time job. I just would ask anyone who reads this post to pray for me and my family because this illness has not only been a strain on me but my family too. We have had to do without alot of things because I can't work and have been filing for disability. I am hoping I can get it for severe depression if not for fms or ra, oa or diabetic neuropathy. Thanks to you all this is such a wonderful and supportive site. Gentle Hugs to you all Pam

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    Sending up prayers for you and your son.

    I can relate in some ways, dealing with cfs and post-traumatic-stress-disorder; and fighting 2 financial and insurance battles.

    Are you taking any anti-depressants yet? They make a big difference.

    Let us know how things go along! So much practical and prayer help here, plus so much loving support!

    Sending blessings for you and your son,
  3. 69mach1

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    if you are sick that will work in your advantage for the hearing...do try to get better of course...but when yu are sick you feel like doggy doo..

    i was ill at my and my attorney asked my why i have dark circles is it because i can't sleep...i said yep....

    you will be fine and you will prevail at your hearing...


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