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    I checked the CDC Lyme site again just to see if they STILL, even though they are being re-reviewed, post a link to the IDSA's guidelines. I do that periodically. When I clicked on it, it took me to a site that said the IDSA's guidelines are "currently being reviewed" but then it directed me to their website that has the 2006 guidelines we all know are crap!!

    What really makes me mad is a new thing on the CDC lyme page on the right hand side "News and Highlights" and says
    "NEW! Free online CME Lyme disease course for clinicians" and when you click on it, it takes you to this:
    Lyme Disease Continuing Medical Education for Clinicians

    As a service to clinicians, CDC has supported the development of an online CME Case Study Course on the Clinical Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Lyme Disease.

    This free, interactive course consists of a series of case studies designed to educate clinicians regarding the proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. Each case is accredited for .25 CME credits, for a maximum of 1.5 CME. There is no cost for these credits.

    I got so ticked off when I read this -- can't go in to see what they are teaching because it's for doctors only, but they are still trying to cram the wrong information down any poor doctor who is starting to think they should learn about lyme disease and wants to learn. I mean if my regular doctor went to the CDC site, saw oh, I can get CME credits if I do this course......

    How dare they do this now??? Especially when our regular doctors are maybe starting to understand we do have lyme here....and are wanting to learn about it.

    Sorry, just needed to complain.

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    I sooo understand what you are saying!

    There is so much about all of this that is so frustrating!!

    If we hear of any Dr who sounds remotely interested in learning about Lyme we can direct them to the Turn the Corner Foundation's Physician training program....here's the link...


    Wish there were a better answer.
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    It just got to me -- I'd been on awhile reading about what's been happening -- I try to not spend too much time anymore near the boards or seeing what's happening with lyme issues on the internet -- being angry doesn't help me......and after seeing the IDSA is now offering credit to learn their way....and I couldn't help myself.

    and would probably have deleted it and not even posted -- I do that more often than actually posting something-- except I hit the wrong button, and it posted....before I'd even finished, and before I'd gotten rid of another tangent I had went off on......so had to go in and remove that part (which was about me sending an e-mail to the CDC and their response) make the rest readable...then I see that while I was doing all that,two people "viewed" it so no idea what it looked like when they did --

    so they probably think I'm crazy or my brain's gone.....well, come to think of it....my brain has taken a hit with this illness.

    Thanks for responding like I wasn't a total idiot.

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    I feel the same way... I just try to keep up with the sites & groups as to any 'new' info and people's experiences to keep options open. It's just a never ending uphill battle it seems to just be able to inform friends/relatives, much less doctors. It seems in many cases saying one has 'chronic lyme disease' means that you're lazy because of all the negative spin by the IDSA in the past.

    I'm just glad those 2 documentaries came out!