i am so mad i could just scream

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  1. charlenef

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    my dr faxed me my medical reports and they dont say anything about me being in bed all the time being weak or anything besides fibro how can a dr get away with not writing what you tell them and making up things you didnt say. the pain managment dr i went to 3 times wrote everything but i hated her she was mean and would shove me around but at least her reports were right i should have gone longer to her hopefully the lawyer will get more info from them if we need it thanks for listening charlene
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    I'm sorry.. sounds like your doctor wasn't much help at all. Hope everything works out.
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    As soon as I realized I was going to have to file for disability, I started telling my doctor to document everything specifically FOR the disability people who were going to read it. You have to tell them that or they really have no reason to be so thorough other than they just feel like it (yeah, right).

    If he got some things wrong, ask him to correct it. Tell him it's very important and you don't want to mislead the disability caseworker. Tell him you're being very meticulous about the whole thing and you want everything to be correct. I guess I'm assuming your going to file for it. I did learn that the way doctors say things and the way disability caseworkers read things don't follow the same logical approach. Be specific with the doc or he can ruin the whole thing.

    good luck!

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    I recently received my medical records from my nuerologist that said" patient came in with her usual litney of complaints" .." she has been told she has fibromyalgia..if there is such a thing, she probably has it. It made me feel like a nut case! I cried and was so depressed thinking this will always be in my medical records. Then I got mad...thank GOD I have two other doctors who believe in it and are treating me fairly good. Hang in there and keep taking care of yourself
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    I had the very same thing happen to me. The one doc that I thought was the very best for my fibro treatment said the worst things in my reports, and the one I disliked said the best!! Go figure!!!!

    I don't know either what to do about it, except to hope that the 3rd doc outweighs both of them. Really, I guess we can always hope that they listen to US when the time comes and hope honesty wins.

    Sorry we have to go through all this. It's not fair, but we already know if life were fair we wouldn't be feeling this darn bad.......:)
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    im hoping that either the dr fills something out for my lawyer or that my other dr reports will over ride what they say this dr knew for the last 2 years that ive been trying to get ss that is what makes me so mad even the things she said i said are wrong she wrote im afraid that one day i wont be able to walk down the street hello i cant do that now she knows i cant drive she signed for a handicapp sticker for me where is all that info even when im there i cant sit on the table for more than 2 min i just have to say god is in control whats done is done thanks again charlene
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    All the time....it's amazing what they put in the file...and since their notes are usually dictated, you can't get a copy when you leave the office...and if you are with an HMO...you have to request file review from medical records...do it....I've seen where my records bore NO resemblance to what went on....one doc noted that I was, "talkative"....ok....I could not get her to understand muscle pain....no matter what I said....and got no relief...It takes alot of effort to relate to doctors in a meaningful fashion...also had notes in my file a long time ago that were antithical to what the doctor had told me...and he was a major FM doc....so...due diligence is important.
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    So, ya'll are getting something in hard copy from your doctors??? I ask and ask and don't get anything. Aren't they MY records or is there some legality that makes them confidential even from me? Any suggestions on how to approach the actual doctor or the staff with requests? Do we need to even give them reasons why we want them? I'd greatly appreciate any assistance or suggestions. Thanks!
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    you can get your medical records anytime you want you just need to sign a release form i called my dr and had them faxed the same day to me im just upset that every other dr had at least close to what i told them this one dont ill talk to the lawyer tomarrow to see if they can get something else thaanks and good luck charlene
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    how one dr report is great and the next one it like were we in the same room? i guess at least it says that i am depressed which is part of my claim i just hope the judge sees things my way i know im going to be crying which i hate but when i am forced to talk about my condition that is what happenes thanks so much guys for all the support charlene
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    I had no idea you could just ask for your medical records unless you needed them for litigation or something like that. I think I will request mine just to make sure she has been documenting all of this (I have been with her 6 years) because it seems like she is surprised when I mention something we had discussed or had done in the past. Now I am worried. Also I am seeing a Neurologist for the first time March 1st and I hope he doesn't think FMS is BS!!!!
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    HI Charlene --

    I'm a financial advisor - and sell Life, Health, Disability and LTC insurance. I've seen Dr's notes cause alot of problems.

    I'm not an expert, however, in communicating for myself to them - but I have done the following when I see doctors:

    I tell them: You know, what you say in the notes is critical today, for a variety of purposes - future health insurance and alot of other financial and insurance needs.

    Please be careful with your notes. I will ask you to tell me what you've stated today, and that it is exactly why I'm here and pertinent to what we do.

    Then, follow-up regularly to get copies of your records. Some places are putting the doctors notes in Hospital Data bases - and it is VERY Difficult to get them to change them. IN todays' technical environment, we need to be diligent about what they say about us -- it is our health, and our life, and our financial picturre. It can also affect how other doctors view us -- if other doctors are retreiving the file from the database as a referal in some hospital systems.

    Be careful -- you can always be sweet -- smile alot - the southern bell attitude can help. But be sure they know you know the consequences of statements they write down. I don't think they realize the downsides of their comments.

    REally - they don't. They are just "in the moment" on to the next appointment. You could even explain - you've been made aware of technological uses and many downsides to your progress based on notes -- "can he/she help you to ensure the accuracy?" SMILE SMILE _ that might help.

    Further- - you have the right to ask them to correct wrong comments. there is an appeal process in most practices.

    HOpe that helps.