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    Hi-I have posted before with a leg stress fracture that set off my fibro big time!!! In an effort to get better-I went back on the guai protocol which has helped in the past. I also had been taking magnesium, calcium, D, the B vitamins, HRT for menopause, and ambien.

    I went back to Restoril for sleep as Ambien did strange things to me (even though it really helped me sleep!!!) and Flexiril for the pain in leg and back at night. I added a probiotic, MSN, Vit E, and grape seed extract-after reading a lot of posts on this board. The dr also discovered hypothyroid so started synthroid.

    After a bone scan finally showed the stress fracture (happened 10+weeks ago), I began to get relief!!!! Tennis balls helped the pains in neck and back and staying off the leg as much as possible must have been what I needed. Each day I got better-now I feel GREAT!!!

    My question is-do I continue with the added supplements? I have know idea which ones helped or why I am feeling so much better but sure hate to upset the applecart!!!! But sometimes I feel that I may be taking too much.

    I will def continue the Guai-forever-have learned my lesson the hard way on that one!!! And the meds prescribed by Dr (thyroid, hormone, sleep meds) I will continue.

    I dont know if this will help anyone else-I was desperate for anything to help me get better-so I just wanted to tell what helped me and make sure no one had had bad reactions to these supplements!!!

    I am even beginning to walk for exercise again-something I used to do all the time but havent been able to in months-the hard part is keeping it slow and steady-am so excited about being able to do it!!!! But I sure dont't want end up back where I was a few months ago!!!!

    Good luck to everyone trying to find the answer for their problems!!! I do believe we are all different and what works for one may not work for another. I think I have even convinced my dr that fibro is very real!!! I hope one day we won't have to fight so hard to get help!!!

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