I am so pooped after this gallbladder surgery

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    OK what is the normal type of pain after you have lapoerspcopy and have your gallbladder removed.? I am hurting so much and I have this pain that is like alot of pressure and pushing and it is not going away as fast as I would like for it to go away.

    So I have a few questions about what type of pain I sould be having. IS it nromal to have this sharp pain in the abdomen and this intesnce feeling of pressure in your belly? Or is this just me? I am so tired of it. MY tummy feels so tight and hurt and is sore and I want it go go away now.

    So will some one please tell me what kind of pain I should I be having? Am I normal? I am tried of having to keep a watch on my breathing, It was low after the surgery and I had to spend the night because of the low 02 levels. I had b/p problems that made it so I had to stay over night and when the doctor removed the 002 I was able to keep my 02 levels stayed up and owrking right alike they should.

    Sorry for being such a pain in the butt. I am sorry about the wwhinning about the pain and low 02. I want so much to be NROMAL and I don't think I will ever be that way.

    I am soooorry for whinnig about all this pain I know that I sam an adult and should act like one. But some times right after surgery I have more pain that I I think I should have, I am tired of being in pain and all this whinning I am doing. I just raised up my head and dang it hurt the muscels of my tummy and abodmen too. I just wish I oculd be normal and ahve normal pain but NO I hvae to have the other problems like fibro , CMP, degenertive disk diease, 2 bulging discs in my back L4-L5 , L5-S1 and arthritis in both knees and arthritis my left wrist htat I had shattered a year ago and was told my the ooortho doctor that i would always have PAIN In it and I do. I just guess I was not prepared for the pain I wass and am having in my abdomen. I am haing this feeling of intesnt pressure in my belly and abdomen too.

    Thanks for listening to me gripe and whine, I am sorry for the being such a baby
    TAke care of your self.
    Thanks for being here for me all the time HUGS TO YOU ALL
    Love you all Rosemarie
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    I didn't know that you were going to have gallbladder surgery, Rosemarie!

    It is probably normal to be experiencing the pain you describe. I don't really know because I had my gallbladder surgery about 15 years ago when all they did was the "old-fashioned" type--not the laproscopic type. I have about a 10"-12" scar on my side from my surgery. Recovery from that incision alone was awful!!

    Since there is no way to relate the pain from my 10" incision to do the surgery and the type you had, I really don't have much to offer I just wanted to

    wish you a speedy recovery!!!!!

    Take care,
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    I can only imagine, for a person w/ fibro who has a distorted sense of pain it must be terrible. Even for a normal person, it has to be rough. After all you just had a once vital organ, a part of your body, CUT OUT, then pulled through a small incision. Sounds like a big ouwie to me.

    I have pain every day, and I can take it and take it, then one day, just one more pain too many. And I just can't take it anymore.

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    you are over the worst of it. the pressure you maybe felling is the gas floating around in your abdomen. then pump your dtomach full of gas to do the surgery to move the scope and stuff around. so that is very uncomfortable.

    may i suggest to drink cocoa cola and eat some mints. it helps with the gas in your tummy. and walk around to get the bowels moving from the anthestia and the pain meds.
    i always tought the worst of th surgery was the anthetisa, sometimes it would settled under ribs and in my neck area felt light an elephant had been standing on it.

    good luck it will get better

  5. Jodi_B

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    I had the very same surgery just over a year ago. Also, I'm a retired R. N. Believe me, what you're feeling is normal!

    When they do that surgery, they have to put some extra "air" into your belly so they can maneuver around better. For awhile afterwards you feel like your belly is gonna pop! so, that's the source for the intense pressure you're feeling.

    Also, they're not exactly gentle when probing around with the laparascope, so your muscles stay really sore for some time. (Like you've been kicked by a mule!)

    The fatigue is normal, too. You need extra rest after surgery, so don't fight it -- just rest as you feel the need and the tiredness.

    All of these things will ease up over time, I assure you.

    Gas and constipation can your discomfort worse, so if you're having either of those problems, there are things to take to help ease them up (Gas-X, mild laxatives).

    Hang in there -- better days are coming.

    God Bless,
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    I had a hystrectomy 4/04 and you just described exactly what i felt like. The first night they were giving me double morphine and that didn't even touch the pain.

    I had weeks of pain, swelling, exhaustion, pressure and just generally feeling awful! Then the twinges started. Healing from the inside out is a really weird feeling.

    If the docs gave you 'groovy' pain pills you could always get into those and just space-cadet the pain away. that's the only thing that helped me suvive the first 3 days. It hurt so bad that a big part of me wanted to die just so it didn't hurt anymore.

    It does get better - promise!

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    I had my gallbladder removed in Oct. I was told to get up and walk around as soon as possible to help to get the gas out of your belly.My worst pain was around my belly button.Get plenty of rest but do try and walk around when you can, it helped me.And don't lift anything heavy,sweep,vaccum...I hope they told you this at the hospital.I over did it.When you think out patient surgery you think no big deal but it is.take care of yourself.
  8. wildwoodlane

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    but it may take a while. I had laparascopic gallbladder surgery in February and my tummy is still bloated. Couple of nurses told me it may take a year before effects of anesthetic wears off (if you had general). Also, the gas can stay in there for ages. I still have pain in the region where my gallbladder was and can't understand that, either. It's nearly eight months since surgery, so it seems unreal to me, too. Don't give up hope -- So sorry you are miserable, but it does help to get it off your chest (or tummy, as it were!) All your other problems just add to the misery -- I know, 'cause I am in the same boat.

    Garland (wildwoodlane)