I am so sick and so depressed. Please pray for me....

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    that I can rise above this. Several months ago I was denied disability- with the Judge calling me a lier on 65pages worth of so called lies. I could not handle it and face filing a new case and appealing that one.

    But I got thru it and thought that I had really gotten myself together since. I have worked soooo hard to get to a happy place and have some control over my pain.

    I thought I had prepared myself for more bad news regarding my case- there has been nothing but bad news since I began 3 years ago. 5 doctors deem me fully disabled and I can't even go to church without triggering a flare.

    Yesterday my legal assistant calls me with something else I didn't handle properly. She had sent me to a vocational rehab place for an assessment. She would not take the time to fully explain to me what was expected of me once I got there. The man asked me if I thought I could work= well no I don't. He said that the place was for putting people back to work. Anyway the lawyer did not get from them what was expected like- she can't be placed because of her health. Instead they put that I didn't qualify because I have no intention of going to work. Which hurts my case.

    She was so abrupt and rude to me. It was the proverbial straw that broke the back thing. I lots it like never before. I sobs and hyperventalated and told her that I can't handle this anymore and I wanted out.

    I got so sick last night that I was throwing up- diaherra- migraines and I am still very sick today. I am so depressed I feel like I am back in the black hole and don't want to come out and face continuing on. My husband is not happy when I am like this and he won't let me quit filing for benefits because we need them.

    I have a personal relationship with the Lord that has seen me threw many things before. But it feels as though my mental illness aspects of me ie depression and anxiety and panic disorder take over. I can't handle anything without losing it. I am on a tightrope and one little sway or swag and I come crashing down.

    Please pray for me.......
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    Lord Jesus, you know the desperate situation Deb is in. You know her dreams, her fears and her struggles. Holy Spirit, I just pray that right now You will come and comfort Deb in her hour of need.

    Lord, she is so tired and so weary, I pray that you will give her strength that surpasses all human understanding. Go ahead of her, I pray, and prepare the way for her, do her battle for her and let her come out of this with a glorious victory.

    I thank you Father that you are with Deb right now. I pray for every blessing upon her and her family. I pray that Your peace will prevail in her household forever more. Thank you Jesus.

    In Jesus' precious name. Amen.

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    that God will touch you and your circumstances in a mighty way and ask that he meet and exceed all your needs.
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    to all of you for those beautiful, heartfelt prayers. I loved them, and I felt happy and loved by the holy spirit working thru you. I am still very, very sick right now, so these were very wonderful to find when I summoned the energy to check. You know, its just hard not to feel depressed when you feel extremely sick and hurt real bad all over.

    I love you to Dixie and it was your existing posts that compelled me in here.

    On a positive note, I have another appointment next Friday with the rehab people. I don't know how to play it, and what not to say to ruin things some more for myself.

    I did punch in disability earlier today, and read excerpts from people who got benefits after fighting 5 to 7 years and their Judges also changing their diagnonis, and calling them a liar at every turn.

    Thinking and praying today, it came to me, that they have already done the worst to me by denying me, and that they can do no more than that. And if I don't quit then I still have a slight chance of winning. I felt better realizing this. and my husbands like "Yaaaaaaaaa like duhhhhhh". But when it comes to disability I am maxed out and turn into a crazy psyco person. I will keep on praying for God's will to be done and for him to see me thru- like I know in my heart He will. Its just hard though....

    Love to you all and my prayers out to you all to have a good weekend- healthwise and otherwise!
  5. bakron

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    Are your way.

    Father, hold deb06 in your arms and comfort her. At this time, I claim your promise that you do not give any one of your children burdens more than they can bear, and I just pray that this promise is shown to deb in a way clear and through your love. May she have the relief that she so needs as she looks to you. In Christ's name I pray these things, AMEN!
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    Praying for you as requested.

    God bless,
  7. luvumore

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    Deb I am in the same situation. 2 docs diagnosed fibro, depression etc etc and I was denied disability too. My doc said to get a lawyer and that's what i've done. I know it will be very stressful. I told my lawyer I can.t take any stress and he said that the trial will be stressful but i prob won't have to go see anymore doctors. He said the whole process would take about 2 years so i have a long wait. I know what you r going through and pray that God sees both of us through this. We must believe that God has a plan for us and maybe disability isn't in our plan. That's how I will rationalize it if i Don't get disability in the end.
    hang in there Deb and I will be praying that everything will be positive for u from now on.
    love and God bless xx Danielle
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    What a confusing and frustrating time for you! Sometimes it feels as if the world is against us, doesn't it?

    Try to take it one day at a time and KNOW that you will be victorious. I pray for you for strength, peace and joy. It WILL come.