I am so thankful for God's Blessings

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    I always try to be optimistic. I have had FM for 21 years and just found out that I have lyme disease.

    This finding is a blessing from God because it means that I will now recieve proper treatment and have the chance for recovery.

    I have prayed for 2 years for God to guide me in the right direction. He did. He guided me and I did the research. I forged ahead even when my local Dr's said I didn't have lyme.

    I kept researching and found a Dr to order the Igenex western blot. Even when the Dr told me it showed that lyme wasn't my problem, I knew better because I had done the research.

    I never prayed for a miracle cure. I just wanted God to guide me in the right direction.
    He is great. I had faith that He would show me the way.

    I was actually surprised that all of a sudden I knew I had to investigate and research lyme. It was because others on the FM/CFS board were posting that after years of having FM they were diagnosed with lyme. I used to think I didn't have lyme because what I have is "FM"....very classic symptoms.

    I think I got hung up for awhile on the fact that since my symptoms were classic for FM, it couldn't be anything else.....instead of being more open-minded about the cause of the FM symptoms.

    God continues to guide me. I found a LLMD and got an appt for early Feb. I now suspect that my daughter and perhaps my son-in-law have lyme too. My husband is very supportive and will help us do whatever we need to do to get well.

    My cousin called me and said she had been wondering for awhile if she could have it. Her mother has also been having neurological and muscular problems so I urged her to educate herself about lyme also. I gave her websites with the latest info from lyme experts.

    I think perhaps God knew that my years of suffering would be a blessing in the end because I can now try to raise awareness about lyme. Many people are misdiagnosed with other illnesses for years.

    I plan to try to educate the healthcare providers in my community. I also plan to educate the public. I am hoping since I am an RN that people will take me seriously. After I get through some months of treatment, I plan to write my story for our newspaper and convince them to print it.

    God is great. He suffered so much for us. He has provided me with the opportunity to help others and I don't want to miss it. To me the glass is always half full, not half empty.

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    Thank you for your reply and for praying for me. I feel so lucky, even though that may sound strange.
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    I don't remember a tick on my skin or a tick bite. I was surprised to find out that alot of ticks are only the size of a poppy seed so they are very hard to see and go unnoticed.

    I live in PA, so there are alot of ticks here.

    Thank you for your reply and for your good wishes.