I am so tired of my aching legs, I just want to cry

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    I don't know what to do, the more that I am standing up my legs are throbbing worse. I will stand for a few moments to load the dishwasher and they start to throbb and feel like they are going to let me down and I will just fall. Today they feel so stiff and like I can't move them ,the pain gets so bad that I can't walk. I hurting so much that I don't know what to do.

    Am I going nuts ? Or is there some thing really wrong with my legs. The more I walk around and stand up the worse this pain is and it gets so bad that I can't walk at all. I feel like I have ran as fast as i can for so long that my legs are stiff and sore and don't respond to my brain telling them to work right. I am worried that some thing is really wrong with me. I wil talk to my doctor about this leg pain when I see him on the 16th of this month.

    Now that we have snow and the weather is so cold the pain is so bad that in the mornings I can't walk or bed my knees. I am to be driving my mom to work and I can't even walk out to the car to get it started , just bending my knees in usuing the clutch causes me so much deep intence pain that it is really hard to drive.And when I come home the pain is so bad , I am so tired ,fatiqued that I can't move. My eyes are not staying open , I want to sleep and just rest now. I don't know what is going on with my body.
    Sorry for the whinning and griping.

    Thanks for listening to me vent,
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    me. I use my heating pad a couple of times a day. Maybe something like Icey-Hot or Ben-gay will help.--but don't use with the heating pad. When my shoulder & neck hurts I use Icey-Hot and then put an ice pack on my neck for 15 min or so. The heat & cold together helps.

    I know the Neurotin & Tramadol I take helps with some of my pain too.

    I've been fighting a lot of pain lately and this in turn has made me tired too.

    Good luck.
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    You might want to read about the condition called PAD, perhiperal artery disease. It can cause aching legs.

    Understanding leg pain

    Many people dismiss leg pain as a normal sign of aging. You may think it’s arthritis or sciatica or just “stiffness” from getting older. PAD leg pain occurs in the muscles, not the joints.

    Those with diabetes might confuse PAD pain with a neuropathy, a common diabetic symptom that is a burning or painful discomfort of the feet or thighs. If you are experiencing any kind of recurring pain, talk to your healthcare professional and describe the pain as accurately as possible.

    If you have any of the risk factors for PAD, you should ask your healthcare professional about PAD even if you are not experiencing symptoms.

    Diagnosing PAD

    PAD diagnosis begins with a physical examination. Your doctor will check for weak pulses in the legs. The ankle-brachial index (ABI) test (see illustration on the right) is also usually done.

    It’s a painless exam that compares the blood pressure in your feet to the blood pressure in your arms to determine how well your blood is flowing.

    This inexpensive test takes only a few minutes and can be performed by your healthcare professional as part of a routine exam. Normally, the ankle pressure is at least 90 percent of the arm pressure, but with severe narrowing it may be less than 50 percent.

    If an ABI reveals an abnormal ratio between the blood pressure of the ankle and arm, you may need further testing. Your doctor may recommend one of these other tests:

    Doppler and Ultrasound (Duplex) imaging: a non-invasive method that visualizes the artery with sound waves and measures the blood flow in an artery to indicate the presence of a blockage.

    Computed Tomographic Angiography (CT): a non-invasive test that can show the arteries in your abdomen, pelvis and legs. This test is particularly useful in patients with pacemakers or stents. more
    Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA): a non-invasive test that gives information similar to that of a CT without the use of X-rays.
    Angiography can also be used, but is usually reserved for use in conjunction with treatment. During this test a contrast agent is injected into the artery and X-rays are taken to show arteries of the legs and any blockages that may be present.

    As stated earlier, PAD often goes undiagnosed. This can be dangerous because PAD can lead to painful symptoms, loss of a leg and/or increased risk of coronary artery disease and carotid atherosclerosis. Because individuals with PAD have this increased risk for heart attack and stroke, the American Heart Association encourages anyone who is at risk to discuss PAD with his or her healthcare professional to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

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    I'm in Colorado - and I definitely think the cold weather has something to do with it. I've always had some level of leg pain - but it is MUCH more severe since about the end of November. My pain is also deep and intense. It hurts to walk up the stairs at home; or stand; or really do anything.

    Anyway - just wanted to let you know that I can relate...
    Definitely talk to your doctor when you go in. Take good care. --Tina
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    First, I'd rule out what another poster suggested.

    Then I'd address the cold weather. Mine are much more stiff & achey. Taking hot baths w/lavender oil, massage, applying Arnica Gel (health food store),Wearing "longjohns" or something similar to keep them warm, and I put my magnetic wraps around my knees.

    I would also rule our any misalignments in your lower back with a chiropractor, which can cause leg pain.

    Hoping you find your solution soon.

    HEALING LIGHT**************carole
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    First go to the doc. Do you have constant pain anywhere else? I have the extreme leg and buttocks pain, but I also have it in my upper back, neck, shoulders and arms. Because mine is spread over all 4 quadrants of my body and I have trigger points everywhere, they diagnosed mine as fibro.

    But if you are only getting leg pain, I'd have it looked into.

    Also, do you take anything for the pain? If not, be sure to see if you can get proper pain treatment. You should not have to suffer.

    Best of luck and keep us posted.
    P.S., I just looked at your bio and see that you do have aches in other places in your body. Sounds like you need some good strong pain meds.[This Message was Edited on 01/12/2007]
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    I didn't put in a bio. How do you find bios?
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    I got a pair of Crocs shoes and that helped a lot. I also started taking a small amuont of lyrica. The difference is amazing!
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    Hi Fay,
    I agree that you should always make sure you don't have other issues. However, the pain you are describing is so close to my experience which is caused by fibro.

    I am just coming out of a crash that started 2 years ago. The leg pain and not being able to walk was one of the symptoms. I finally resorted to using a cane to help steady myself. Extreme weather can really have an impact on this.

    The things that help me are use of a heating pad. Wearing thermal underwear. Using a cane to stable myself. Get a stool you can sit on when you are doing dishes or cooking.
    Do a task and then rest putting your heating pad back on your legs. Keep the trunk of your body warm at all times. An electric blanket can be helpful.

    My Doc also put me on cymbalta. It doesn't seem possible but it helped this pain tremendously. I also take magnesium, calcium amd Malic acid to help with muscle spasms which can be part of this.

    Hopefully some of the ideas shared will help you out. Good luck.
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    After you log in, you see the purple tabs near the top of the screen. If you look to the right under these you see the words:"you are logged in as Wentworth228" Next to that it says "view my profile/edit profile". Click on the "view my profile/edit profile" link and that should take you to where you can fill out your bio.

    Hope it works.
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    For some reason the posted reply I made the other day is not showing.

    It was to have you try soaking twice a day if needed in a hot tubful of water with epsom salts. You use more than for a normal bathtub, I use about 4 cups.

    When I get out I apply some sort of rubbing cream.

    My left leg is really screaming at me most of the time this past two weeks, along with elbow to hand pain, can't win, usually it is the neck. Strangely, I get these leg issues as soon as I start wearing winter clothing, so who knows?

    I just had a hip xray to rule out sacral joint and hip arthritis problems. But I know what you mean. Plus the pain seems to also hit the groin and travel up the ribs and back.

    I hate it. I start PT for it Tuesday, not the first time, and will ask for a TENS unit too.

    I also am starting on SAM E and MSM see if that helps. It keeps me awake half the night. Sympathies and prayers.

    Love Annie Crowmell
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    I have terrible problems with my legs unless I take a strong med from the doc. Sad to say: it is not what I expected either, but you have to live with what you have (after looking over all of the problems).

    I know you might have the symptoms (of course, all justified) and my experience is to present them to doc.

    And if you do not getter: try someone/or two who might have a new idea of what to prescibe.

    You take care and my blessings go up to you.