i am so weak that im scared stupid

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  1. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i know i have the fibro w/ the c.fatigue,
    but man!
    within the last few months i have noticed that
    i am steadily getting so much weaker
    that i absolutly feel like im gona die.

    (or maybe i am)

    the dr says all my bl. work -ups
    are some 'off',....
    considering -
    all the other stuff i have,

    but SURELY he is missing something??

    he says its the c.f. getting worse.!!what???
    i am close to being bed bound and terrified.
    (to say the least.)

    is this also like what happened to you ?
    (who has c.f. w/ fibro)
    is this the way it happens at the end?

    weakness ,and then the wheelchair
    or bed all the time?
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have noticed that I have gotten weaker in the past year. I can still exercise but not do as much.

    I have had my Vit D's checked. A few years ago they were too high so I was on the Marshall Protocol for a while.

    Now one is high and one is low. (There are two of them).

    I am thinking that the weakness is due to that. I had to ask my doc to test it, while my twin's doc tested her automatically. My twin has a swimming pool and still tested low.

    You can take the regular strength Vit D without being tested but if you are low...you might not tell the difference. I am just now on 5,000 three times a day and starting to "maybe" tell something.

    A friend of Twin's takes the 50,000 once a week and the 1,000 daily and she can tell when the 50,000 is wearing off.

    Prohealth just started selling the 50,000. But don't take it without the Vit D Test showing low or it could make you worse.

    I hope we don't have to go that way....sometimes a flare can last a long time.

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  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Grammy27 knows her stuff and I am going to bump up Hermitlady's Thread cause it has a lot of good info on this subject too!

  4. celeste1226

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    I have a friend with FM. What she has started to do is go to a doc that does not know she has FM and tell him about her new symptom and have them check for different things that could be wrong. Then she finds out if it nothing or just her FM. Then she will go back to her reg doc which treats her for FM then tells them about the new sympton. She started to do this because she says her FM doc blamed everything on FM. so she wanted a different opinion on the there symptoms she was having to make sure it was just the FM and not something totally different.
  5. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I have both CFS and FMS and both have been in the severe category for years now. I'm mostly bedridden. Pushing myself only results in me ending up needing a wheelchair for days in a row. I used to mountain bike to the tops of hills faster than my husband. I used to run or work out every day. I worked hard as a full time teacher. I took time out to relax and have fun and I've always been known as a happy person.

    Yet, here I am, day after day in bed unless I get lucky and can do something while up for a bit. I've read that us folks who have both CFS and FMS do the worst. I'm sorry it's that way. All we can do is our best every day. I do that and I'm determined to stay as happy as possible. I say count your blessings and look for the good stuff. We can make it through this.

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  6. jami117

    jami117 New Member

    Thanks for reaching out to this board. Like you I have fibro/cf. About eight years ago I was bed-bound for over a year. I'd gotten a series of infections that almost kocked me out. Finally found a doc who got me on meds so I could improve a little. Got to a point where I had a limited life, but one I could justify and enjoy.

    Then I developed a bad case of diverticulitus and bleeding ulcers during a time of terrible stress with my family. Those developments went undiagnosed until there was enough scar tissue to show up on the x-ray. Was again bed-bound during that time with unbearable pain. I still haven't gotten back to where I had been prior to that.

    Now I have one or two days a month when I can do my daily chores with some ease - on those days I'm euphoric!! The rest of the time I eventually get dressed, feed my pets and clean cat boxes, and feed me and clean up dishes. And I try to take my dog to the end of the block to pick up the mail. All that is incredibly difficult to do and I lounge on my couch all the rest of the day. I'm constantly stressed because people ask me to do the simplest things and don't understand that it's impossible for me. It causes a great amount of guilt. Sometimes it almost make me crazy that I can't lift my body up to do some very simple thing or do the easiest task using my mind!

    So Homesheba, stay close with us 'cause I've found the people here really do care! My experience has been that if I try to push, it exacts a toll. I've found I really enjoy listening to books on tape from the library. My tape player shuts off when the tape ends, so I put it on every night when I go to bed - that way I can't lie there and worry!

    When I was bed bound I found some breathing exercises that were helpful. And I kept light weights (3 lb. and 5 lb.) by the bed so I could exercise my arms. I also have an exercise band that I used for leg exercise. I tried to do very easy exercise in bed every day. I worked out a program for myself. The other thing that made me feel better was making my bed every day. Sometimes I couldn't do it until almost time to go to sleep, but at least I got it done! It was a little ritual that made me feel that I wasn't giving up.

    I'm coping better every year by accepting my limitations and trying not to let the sometimes cruel comments of others get to me so much. This board has been a life saver for me. And I keep believing that we'll find a better treatment. In the meantime I try every day to remember to enjoy something in the beauty of nature and to interact with my pets. Know that it's possible to cycle out of the extreme situation you're in, but you never know when it might happen. But we're here for you during the process.

    Wishing you peace and strength.

    Gentle hugs,
  7. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Homesheba -- your adrenals might be weak or exhausted, which can cause severe physical weakness. I had this problem several years ago, the docs could find nothing wrong, saw my chiropractor who does muscle testing and he picked up on weak adrenals right away (I knew nothing about adrenals prior to this). I felt weak as a kitten and he said this was why.

    He gave me Drenatropin PMG by Standard Process (an adrenal glandular product) which helped enormously. I had to take about 3 times the recommended dose for a week or so because I was so weak.

    I think there are blood tests for the adrenals and also something called adrenal stress index test, but to be honest, what helped me the most was the muscle testing of my chiropractor.

    Also, the others may be right about your thyroid as well.

  8. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    soo much from your alls posts
    and have written stuff down to call dr about!!
    tho -
    maybe im getting paranoid also about him...
    but i think he really doesnt believe
    that much in fibro
    and is 'dusting ' me off kinda.
    anyway thanks a bunch you all.
    your great!!
  9. mjwarchol

    mjwarchol New Member

    I am having the same problem. I think it's the vicious cycle of not having too much energy so I sit in the chair most of the day. That causes the muscles to atrophy, then they feel weaker. Excercise would help build them up and stamina, but too tired to do it.

    I went to my pscyh thinking it was depression, and he says he doesn't feel like it is. I was switched off of my Adderall to Dexamphetamine. Helps marginally, but my muscles are so weak they get fatigued fast, then I just want to sit.

    Wish there was an answer!

    M J
  10. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    jamin mentioned humidity. Humidity and cold weather do it to me. Humidity gives me this dizzy sensation and cold just kills my bones and i become much weaker throughout my entire body.

    Im sorry you are feeling weaker. You can't compare how your progress will go with others though. You could soon take a turn for the better. :) Good luck

  11. jami117

    jami117 New Member


    I don't know if this would be helpful for you, but I found that I can sit in my hammock as if it were a chair. It's close to the ground and I'm able to pull the back side up to give my back support. I keep my feet on the ground and use my leg muscles to gently rock myself while I read or watch tv. For me, that action doesn't add to my fatigue and it helps give my legs some muscle tone. Sitting on a rocking chair would serve the same function.

    Gentle hugs,
  12. texasrose204

    texasrose204 New Member

    I am sorry you are feeling so bad! I have noticed that i haven't seen you posting on here lately?
    I have been off work for 11 mths now hoping that i would get the right medicine, rest etc that i would be back by now. I seem to just get weaker by the weaks. When i get stuck in bed now instead of 1-2 days down it takes 3-4. On those days i don't even feel like i have the strength to lift my arm to scratch my nose!
    So as everyone else says this board has helped me so much seeing that i am not alone and neither are you! We are blessed that we have each other!
    I stop pushing myself we i feel i am to tired to even sit up and trying to learn my body signals. I still overdo and end up in bed.
    I called my dr this week after 4 days in bed she did call me in for labs. Between the pain and exhaustion that was hard to make it there. My bf drove me, it is a hour away and just cant do it anymore.
    Sorry for going on but please just hang in there! Take care and keep posting!