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    Oh boy oh boy did I way over do it! As Shirl is so quickly to confess to.....I brought this on myself. Monday I did a 3 hour drive to Monterey Bay Aquarium (school field trip) walked 3 hours and then drove home 3 hours. Ok, I admit, I did get a cup of coffee half way there.I have not drank coffee in 2 years. IT tasted so good and I realize put me in a place that I wasnt feeling as much pain.Then the 3 hour drive home and then 2 hours of getting ready for the next day of school.(I educate my children at home)I woke up not feeling as horrible as I thought so was happy. A very long day as kids were all feeling the back to the books blues.Oh , but do not forget my volunteer time at Awanas. By now(5 pm) I am realizing that I am toast. Just get me through till 9 I pray. Oh my sweet 10 little ones are so good( I have the best team) but I am pasteing on the smile! of course, by the time I get everyone to bed and crawl in myself I cannot go to sleep. I remember my husband coming in from work at one thirty and I think I was blankly staring at TV.I remember mumbling something(who kknows what)and rolled over. So now I am humming that song....theres got to be a morning after! Ugg! The kids are saying I should take the day off(with a smile on their face) but no the day must go on. So, now that you all are shaking your heads and thinking....what was this woman thinking when she did all this....well that is the whole point of my letter..I wasn't thinking.....I just kept doing! Sometimes we actually bring all this on ourselves......The greater part of the time we just have to endure without having done anything to deserve it! That is the injustice Of this DD. So to all you newbies out there.......my thought for the day is "do not be in denial....realize what you can do and say no to everything else. The tornado you will get caught up in will land you right where I am.....oh yah....where am I again?......." I send out prayers to everyone of you( God knows you by name)that you will have a good and peaceful day. As for me....I learned my lesson again! Blessings and gentle hugs to all......Kathleen
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    It takes time, but all of us learn to be honest with ourselves! We really do have to pay the piper don't we?

    Hay, I like your anology, if we ever get a 'Town' just for us, we could let you name the streets!

    Take care and I hope you do have a very good day in spite of it all.

    Give the kids a day off, which gives you one too.

    Shalom! Shirl

    PS. Thanks for the prayers, I do the same all the time, God knows us by name, plus the complaints are always going His way from us!
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