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    I have had about enough of this. Two days ago, I spoke to my doctor on the phone and balled my eyed out. I told him that the Ultram, Flexeril, and Celebrex just did not cut it!! So, what did he do? He gave me another useless pain med, Darvon!!! So, last night I was suffering beyond belief, and could not fall asleep until 5:30 in the morning. Thank God the 100mg. of amitriptaline did keep me asleep for some of the night. I finally got up and out of bed at 3:45 PM. And of course I felt like I hadn't had any sleep at all and felt like I had been run over by a steamroller. So I called his nurse and she only made an appointment for tommorrow morning. I am going to try to bring my boyfriend with me this time, so I can have someone else to back me up. I just have no energy to put up a fight. And I certainly am not good enough to drive myself. This is the last chance for this doctor!! By giving me these useless medications, it's like he totally does not believe me!! I AM SUFFERING OVER HERE!!!! I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! I also requested to go on some antidepressent, because I am losing it! Sorry, I just really needed to vent. I am just so frustrated. Wish me luck!

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    I think we've all felt like you do at some point. You are on the right track by demanding different meds, taking your BF for moral support at the doc, not driving yourself, and for venting. I would definitely find another doc - one with some feelings!

    I hope you feel better real soon. Lisa
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    You will not find relief until you locate a good pain specialist. They are worth their weight in gold.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi I am can really relate to all your frustrations. I would suggest you post your general location and ask the other members to recommend an empathetic specialist in your area. God Bless and Good Luck
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    hi kathryn, I can definitely relate. my daughter has fm and I'm going through the same thing with her doc. But not for long, she about to be her ex doc. I think that some docs get some idea in their head and nomatter what you say, they just do not hear you. I've been luckier with my docs.

    Just try not to get too emotional in front of your doc. For some strange reason, if your pain is driving you to tears of anger, agony and or frustration, it seems to have the opposite effect on them, than i think it should. Try to keep your cool, so they can't accuse you of being hysterical on top of everything else.

    I know its hard, but don't give up or give in to all the things around you that are making you feel like you are losing it. There will be better days. At least better than this day.

    So I'm sending you lol and extra strength to get through your next stressful docters appointment with a good feeling at least for yourself, that you are standing up to this doc who is showing you no respect.
    Luv Afeni
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    You can vent all you want and need to here.We all feel like venting sometimes.That's what is so great about this site,everyone understands and is so supportive.Some Drs. just don't get it,do they? We're their patients and they are supposed to at least try to help us.Hope your Dr.cares enough to get you some relief tomorrow. Bejo