i am sort of excited but don't want to count my chickens yet

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. 69mach1

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    before the eggs are hatched...

    i have been on a new ad for me called, vavactil....i have been on it since january 31...i have lost 15 lbs in almost a month...i have not been mentally able or physically able to really do much much since last year since i got the shingles on my hiney...ouch!..
    plus i just arted my period today so i retain water lke a mad man...just wanted to share that with too.

    anyways when i first started taking the vavactil, i thought my pain had died down some, but i didn't know that was one of the benfits of the vavactil...i got weighed today and i have lost 15 lbs...which is a welcomed side effect for me...i just hope it keeps going on down....

    i had noticed that i was looking less puffy...i retain a lot of water...i have been trying to watch what i eat, meaning good quality choices...

    i went to the ymca the other day and walked for 22 mintues on the treadmill and did 4 minutes on the eliptical stair climber thing...it isn't the lungs that make me stop it is my bad feet particulary the left one...

    well i just wanted to share some good news for me...and maybe some of you that deal w/depression/anxiety may be intersted in trying this med...it is a trycylic....i am so sensitive to meds...after almost 4.5 yrs of trying this and that i may have found one for me...i have been a whole slew of them..prozac, serzone,wellutrin,elavil,trazodne. cymbalta,celexa, remeorn...not been on zoloft...and i am sure there are more i have tried and just had one side effect, especially weight gain... i would get jealous when i see this 60 something taking prozac and they say no i havent' gained weight..

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    I am bumping for others but what good news for you. Love Anne C
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  4. auntyemnga

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    I've written it down so I can check it out. I'm trying to wean myself off of 2 different AD's. My counselor and I talked today about was I truly depressed or was I depressed because of the illness.

    Good luck,
  5. 69mach1

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    and don't have an adverse reactions..it is so very frustrating to deal with this stuff...

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    What a nice surprise! Do you sleep well on the new AD also? IF the shingles are still a problem there is a herbal product called "Herpanacine" that is for all skin problems that you may want to check into. I think it may help! Daneen
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    i am not sleeping well yet..i just did a sleep study so i may possibly have sleep apnea...

    i have to still take either ambien or benadryl at night...
    andi was taking something fro the restless legs...but that mad e me feel wired and really good..couldn't sleep on it...

    at first they told me to take it at night the vivactil and if it kept me awake take in the morning...well i am a morning gal..because it acts sort like a stimulant to me...

    i hope i answered your question


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