I am still here 5 weeks in WI now...and...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Suzan, Oct 14, 2007.

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    It is hard to believe that I have been here this long already!

    I feel like I am getting back to myself a bit finally. I still have a long way to go...and hurdles yet to jump...but I am less of a mess..and more of myself, which is a good thing! Fibro pain has been up and down like a roller coaster ride. Somedays I feel decent..other days I am in horrible pain. Stress really does play havoc with your body when this is what you are dealing with.

    STILL waiting on those papers to be served...Last week my atty. had an out of town funeral...found that out on Friday...and so nothing happened yet again. Supposedly the sheriff would try this weekend. But at this point I have heard nothing about that happening. Now my atty. is supposed to send them by certified mail..so I hope he gets off his butt and does it today! UGH UGH UGH.
    I should have been in court already for the intial maintenance hearing..instead I am still waiting for this to begin....and have been feeling a lot like I am in limbo.

    But...there is good news of sorts. I have started seeing people again, and that is good. It isn't easy for me, I guess I don't really feel all that social..but I know that after I spend time with a friend...I feel better for having done it. I went to lunch with my mom on Saturday, first time I have seen her since I have been here. She is a very busy 78yo..and we just couldn't work anything out! It was tough, because we had to talk about this situation I am in...but now that we have..hopefully that doesn't have to remain the focus in the future!

    We have put the duplex thing on hold for now. I was hoping that my son would relax about that ...I think making a big change too soon isn't so smart you know? Better to wait till I know more about my $$...and have some more timeline things in place. So, he seems to have done some thinking about things..and is more relaxed about the whole idea of me being here now. Whew.

    Youngest son, is working hard to find a job. Started working with Manpower last week, and has some orientation with them this week, and crossing fingers that they can get him to work soon. The downside is you don't get insurance right away..till you are a permanent hire...But he got his really good job in KY going thru a temp service too.So this could end up working well for him in the long run. Send him a good thought!

    I ordered some paints, since mine seem to be buried in the old house somewhere...I have sketched out a painting...and I am hoping to be inspired to put paint on that canvas this week! The weather here has been gray and rainy..which always puts a bit of a damper on my moods..but I am trying to get outside , walk the dogs..etc. when it ISN'T raining...and that is a good mood booster as well.

    I believe I am starting to ACCEPT what has happened to me...and as the stages of 'grief' go..I will likely bounce back and forth a bit...into the anger/denial stage..and back again to acceptance...but I believe I am finally just beginning to do some healing...and I am starting to finally believe that somehow...with some help from those who care about me...that I can and will be OK again! Just thinking that is an encouraging sign to me.

    I am doing my best to feel my feelings..to stand strong in my life...to support my sons...and to continue my life...

    I wanted to let you all know I am doing 'ok'...and that the support I have gotten here is one of the reasons I am still standing.


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    good therapy w/help. but some of us take longer than others to get through our demons. i still get mad at the ex...but that is because he is not paying child support...i get so angry about that...he can move in w/his new makesift gf and her two children....and not send a dime to his only biological child...he owes he owes...

    gonna sue him after cody graduates h.s. this summer. he won't like me then...he is mad he can not get a passport etc...not problem he didn't want to pay child support..


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