I am taking my drivers written test today

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  1. rosemarie

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    When I filled out my info for my drivers license renewal i didn't think that much would come of it when I checked the box abot having a disablity but it opened a whole new can of worms. I now have to meet with one of the boss's and interview with her discuss what meds I take and how I take it. , Then I have to take the writen test and I am scared spitless about it. Even tho it is an open book test it terrifies me.And now it is making me so nervous that i am not sleepy at all, I am so stressed about all this that I could cry. I should have kept my mounth shut and not answered hta questoin mbut sinfe I am on SSDI I thought that this form of goverment group would find out sooner or later so I opend the can of worms. I will have to take a driving test too, talk to the drivers liecense peole aobut all my meds adn how I take them. I am now scared to the point of being sick. But i have to be able to take the test ttodeay at 11 am. Pleaae pray for me that all the people involved will be understanding about my ppain meds htat i have been on the same meds for 10 yrs and am reducing them as fast as i can. I don't take my soma in the day time, just at night. I don't take a pain pill and drive. Please pray for me to give me the connfdience I need to tlak to theis woman and to be able to keep my driving privlages. Wish me luck, gods speed and all blessings, possiable, Thanks so much,
    Roseamarie. Please pray that i may rest tonight and be abel to get up adn function like a normal person would .
    Thanks so much.
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    Hi Rosemarie!
    The first thing I think you should do is STOP WORRYING and TAKE SOME DEEP BREATHS! I am a very positive person, and make a conscious decision every morning to STAY that way, but I know how easy it is to wake up feeling lousy and without even realizing it, assume that everything will go wrong. Try to take some quiet time and visualize the situation. See yourself as a composed, in control, calm and rational person. What you see is what you'll be. Even though you can't control the entire situation, you CAN control how you deal with it, which means how you present yourself. In your situation, I think that the manner in which you act, NOT react, is of utmost importance! If you start to feel anxious, take a deep breath.

    Take a list of your meds with you along with what each one is Rx'd for. Sit quietly while the DOT employee reviews your case. Don't speak unless spoken to. Answer any questions with short, precise answers. It will be fine. I've not heard of anyone being denied driving priivileges for taking pain meds as Rx'd, but I have heard of being denied a DL for having narcolepsy or hypersomnia. Take your time with the written test. After you pass your test and meet the examiner, introduce yourself and extend your hand to greet him/her. Keep breathing. Get behind the wheel. Follow the examiner's instructions. If you don't understand, ask them to clarify their request (I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're asking me to do.) Don't forget to look over your shoulder even IF your neck is killing you. Turn at the waist if you have to. Be cautious in your driving, but maintain the speed limits. When doing lane changes or parallel parking, look over your shoulder. ALWAYS check your blind spot, and remember to look left, right, then left before entering an intersection or a roadway. Keep breathing.

    I'll bet you won't have any problem passing either test if you just BELIEVE it's going to be fine. You already passed these tests at least once, so have some faith in yourself. Put a little lipstick on and practice smiling before you go. A kind smile and good eye contact goes a long way.

    If by chance you don't pass the written test, you can take it again, at least in my state. The same goes for the driving test. I'll be watching for your post to find out how it went. Good luck!

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    I went in and spoke with one of the supervisors about my meds and driving, I had to take some quick tests on my ablitity to drive, like turning and doing a head check, gas peddles, I passed that part so quicky. Then I went to take the written test. I took a long time and really doubted my answers so I did not pass that first try, I went back to the testor and she said to take it again, so this time I did some deep breathing and took the test again and it took less time than the frist try and I didn't go back and sceond guess my self , I passed the written test 24 questions out of 25. Now I have to take the drivers test in a few weeks. MY oldest daughter works for the drivers license department.She is going to take me out and make sure I can drive, so that i can pass the test.
    Thanks for the positive message to think really good thoughts and to just take a deep breath thanks for the help. HUGS
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    Thank YOU for letting us all know that you passed. We all need to remember to be our own best friend, especially when life keeps throwing us lemons. Good for you! You go girl!

    Here's a snippet from an 85 yr old Norwegian woman I met while doing a radiant heat treatment as part of my physical therapy after my third rear-end car accident in four months: She said, "I have lived long enough to know that we have a few really bad years so that when we have a good year we really appreciate it." Her words have always stuck with me, although looking back, I think I went through about 5 or 6 really bad years before I had a good one. Maybe it just took me that long to appreciate what I have rather than focus on what I do not.


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