I am thinking that my world of stress has caught up with me

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    What can I say,you burn your candle at both ends and your likely to get burned. Or so I have been told. I ache all over and my throat is sore. I broke a tooth, but thankfully it has had a root canal. But it needs to be fixed and but there is NO money to pay my dentist. So like really bites right now.

    I really thought that I was doing oh so well, with having to take my Mom to the ER between 10 & 15 times in the past 3 months. First it was 2 bouts of celluitis that sent her to the hospital.

    She had gone to her own doctor who noitced that her arm was swollen and had her on antibitoics but they didn't do anything so it was off to the ER we went and after 5 days of going every 24 hours she was cured or so we thought.

    She went vacatation to CAnada , And had no problems there but when she got home she noticed that she had this hot red spot on her elbow and yes it was cellutitis once more and this time she had to have a ultrasond adn they found a pocket of infection that had to be drained and cutltured to .

    She had a staph infection, and being on cumidin and pregensosone {SP} her skin feels like tissue paper and is so fragile that she bumbs it and the bacteria we have on are skin just takes a hold and she gets this cellutitis.

    Two weeks ago she feel from having her blood to thin.
    And to make this long story short she has a compression frature in her spine and has some home heatlh care.

    But now I don't want to go any where near her with my throat hurting like it does. I ache and cough like I have smoked for years and I have not.

    I am so tired that I get up when my husbands alarm clock goes off and he leaves it on then leaves for work, so I shut it off and get up , eat some thing for breakfast and take my morning meds and since I am still so very tired I go back to bed.

    Then it is noon or 2 before I get up again. A load of wash I put in so it will look like I have not spent the WHOLE DAY in my bed.

    I then eat some lunch and by 2:30 I am taking my meds again minus my muscle relaxant as I want to stay awake more. But that does not happen I still am so so tied that my eye's will just close. The TV is on I hear the shows as they go on and off , though I don't know what one is on when I wake up again.

    I am so stressed , I have things to do. But feeling like this I don't want to move. Why now am I so tired I have asked?

    My husband usually gets it when I get this way but this time he has not . HE wants me to be up on saturday mornings so that I can clean up the kitchen with his help and I really don't want him to help me as I will never ever find any thing again if he cleans in there.

    MY whole body aches and my mind is so full of every's problems and MOM what can I do about this or this or what ever it happens to be. MOM I need your help just don't tell dad you know how he gets.

    MY brain hurts too. But I dont' know what to do. MY husband really knows the problems that our girls have but he does not look at the prolems they emotional way that we {THEY} do. TO him it is all logical without any emotion but the girls have lots of emotion and show it.

    So I tell them that they have to tell their dad what is going on as I can't keep things from him. It is not like me to not talk about everything to everyone. But this past month I have told no one what is going on with the girls and my head is acheing.

    So here I am with a mack truck that has been running over my head several times a day. I hurt all over my throat is so sore then I break my tooth and my husband has a fit about it , like I did it to make him made or add to the dental bills but I have to get it fixed if they will just do a bulid up for me and wait for the crown as I have had a root canal in that tooth.

    What do I do? Why it is now that my body is yelling at me. I have tried to rest and to not let what my girls tell me upset me. I am so tired all the time and I just want to take a nap and sleep. What is going on? I think I have lost my mind sometimes. I so want to be able to be there for my Mom and my family as well as my husband too. He is one who has to have everything his way. I Love him to peieces and I just want him to accept my illness the way I do his.

    He is insulin dependant and will not let me know any thing about his insulin pump. I dont know why it beeps or what they mean. I ask to talk to the nurtionist about what he should be eating and knowing that I need to fix these things.. I want him to let me support him but he does not want any one to know that he needs them .
    So that is my life. Full of ups and downs good and bad.

    I love my family and my mom .I have a good life and the cuteset grand babies that you have ever seen and there is going to be a granddaughter in january too. I am looking for ward to that.

    And my middle daughter will be comming home to live in December so once more my life will take a change and I will have people wanting me to getup and stay up all the day. and I don't know if I can stay up and not take naps.

    I am going to go to bed. I am just not feeling so great right now. I am so tired and I just want to cry. I am so sick of feeling sick all of the time.
    Sorry that this is so long. I just needed to vent as well.
    Thanks for your time.
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    Wow do you ever have stress,so sorry you are feeling so badly.

    Please do take care of you, if you don't who will take care of everyone else? If you need to take naps then by all means take them, that is not being selfesh, so do not feel guilty. You must do whatever needs to be done for you.

    By all means vent this is a good stress reliver, and crying helps too.

    I feel your pain and frustration. I have a very similar situation, (no fun) a very ill mother that needs care.

    Get your rest, just do it...ok....
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    It sounds as though you need to escape, or better yet - make them all escape for a few days. Sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds though. Try for 15 minutes to step back from you family, fatigue and pain...let it all go - and breath deeply and slowly concentrating on nothing but relaxation. If your not asleep, try to put things into prospective. First thing is first...get yourself on some kind of schedule. Schedule your sleep at night, schedule 1-2 naps per day as needed. Tell everyone that you need no stress for one week so you can get your body adjusted and then take one issue at a time.

    I am not sure if you are taking any vitamin supplements, but I have to say...eventhough I was dragging my feet where they were concerned, I started taking a Multivitamin, Super-B Complex (one a.m. and one afternoon) you will not sleep if you take it late, iron & calcium+D.
    All from Wal-mart & cheap and my energy is coming back so quickly.

    Doctors say that a schedule is so important w/ FMS. This is my advise. Take it or leave it, but I really hope that something helps you soon.

    Take Care of YOU!


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