I am torn? I need imput from others

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  1. judywhit

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    Hello dear friends,
    I am coming out of my flair and fog and feel almost whole again. My delema is this: I work a split shift (drive school bus)up at 5am out the door by 6am. back home by 10am. back to work by 1pm until 6pm. this schedule although nice to get errands done ect..is exhausting. I have been excused from the morning shift for about two months now because I basically collapsed and could not tolerate this schedule anylonger. Doc wrote a note saying to excuse me from a.m shift until further notice. Work has been wonderful about this...but I think there comes a time when I have to go back to the full shift. Working only in the afternoons is really working so wonderfully for my well being! My question is this...I am feeling good now so does one go back to there regular schedules? bing bang we are healed now????? or does one with this DD just relize their limitations and stay the course that is working for them and not push it???
    Everyone keeps asking when I will be coming back fulltime (especially the kids I transport!)
    Just curious to hear some imput from those who have had this DD longer than I. I do not want to set myself nor my body up for failure.
  2. Lendi

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    I would be interested in thoughts on this topic too. I had cut my day to 6 hrs. was feeling better went back to 7-8 hrs and am in a flair. I'm beginning to think that we have to find a place where we are comfy and stay there. I'm having trouble with 6 hrs, now. But, my job is an 8 hr. job and I can not keep it lower indefinitely so I have to decide to go back full time or quit. I was hoping for full time.
  3. afeni

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    The hardest thing about this dd, is learning to listen to our bodies. We've spent so many years ignoring them. But now, we have no choice, if we want to have any kind of life.

    So, its my humble opinion that you should think really carefully about what you need to do, verses what you want to do concerning your job. Be honest with yourself, and If you listen to your body, the answer will come to you.

    I haven't worked outside my home much, but no matter what work you do, for your health, and for a peace of mind, you gotta go with what your body says. No docter or anyone else knows better. Only you. You are the one that has to live with what you decide, good or bad.

    I hope this helps, I'm sending lol to ya and prayers that you find the right answers for your situation.
    Luv Afeni

  4. Peace7

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    Have you been feeling well long enough to get caught up on your housework, laundry and grocery shopping? Do you have a few meals prepared and in the freezer?

    If you do this and then have a relapse, you will be prepared.

    If you are prepared, do a trial run. Get up the same time that you would to go to work, leave as if you were going to work and drive around for half the time it takes to do your route. How do you feel afterwards? Wait 2 or 3 days to see if you have a delayed response.

    If you still feel fine, try driving for the time it takes to do your whole morning route. How do you feel?

    If you still feel fine, you could begin by telling your boss that you would like to try driving in the mornings but are not sure how you will do. Ask if you could you work as a sub for the morning shift.


  5. bejo

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    I find with fibro we do have to pace ourselves.But it's kind of like a trial and error period until we find out what we can do and can't do.Maybe if you explain this to your employers they will understand that you want to try the A.M. but might not be able to keep it up.Good luck and am glad you're feeling better. Bejo
  6. starstella

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    IMHO, you won't know unless you try it. i think you should be prepared to feel pretty exhausted when you go back to the full time schedule, so as has been previously suggested, do everything you can do to make your home life easier. the kids miss you, you may get an emotional boost by returning to work. if its too much, then you will know.
  7. judywhit

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    today was way to much! sensory overload was so bad with the kids!!! I was so short with them. But...my jr. high kids were aweful- I heard every foul word in the book this afternoon. Had to kick 3 off the bus for a week now I get to call their folks tonight. geez, its always something. perhaps I will just stick to the afternoons I am pooped. Thanks for the imput.
  8. Gardengal

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    Judy -
    I'm so glad you brought this up - I have also been struggling with this issue. I worked from home for a long time - computer work that was either feast or famine as far as the work load went. I had to quit and after about 2 months I am just starting to feel better. Still, if I put in a big day (cleaning the house, many errands, etc.) I have to take it easy the next day while my kids are at school.

    IMHO, I agree that you may just have to try and see how it goes. As my therapist always tells me, this DD is also a blessing because I HAVE to pay attention to myself and needs, which I would not do otherwise. Good Luck! Amy
  9. judywhit

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    is what will keep me from working early morning hours! Last night was still awake at 4am. Getting up at 5am would and being coherant would not even have been an option for me- I would have had to call in sick! I guess I just answered my own question here. Until I am getting consistent sleep I cannot return and work those hours. It really is a huge safety issue for me hauling kids 70+ kids and driving a 40ft bus! thanks for the imput. For now im going to stick to afternoons only!