I am tryin so hard

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  1. kathyrere

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    I am so sorry to keep coming here whining.

    I trying so hard to be strong.

    Zach is running 104.0 temp and I can't even get a shower to get dressed. a nurse doesnot come until 1: we have to be there at 2:.

    i have faith but it is hard to go through this.
    even writing this I have to keep running and clearing Zachy's trach and work on getting the fever down.

    I don't mind the work but I am just tired and worried.

    why do they have to put this extra burden on us. My baby is sick my daughter is so depressed and I am fightin depression and pain like crazy. I can pull through this just coming here helps. I have to get it out so i don't fall apart there. i am so angry, this is so stupid.

    zach is the center of out whole family. you know that baby has never even had a diaper rash. he has never been alone in his life. this is a case that needs to be exposed and they need to leave us alone.
    ok I have to get it together sorry i just let it go on here. I can't show Zach I am sad it makes him sad.
    please pray for us.
    I know you do I am just having a hard time.

    well now you seen me loose it and rant and rave. i can get worse and i don't want to do it there so you all get to here it.
    i may do more of it before time to go.
    god bless you all

    I love my zachy so much. my heart hurts so bad. i can't even see to type anymore i have to stop. God help me
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    When our babies are sick and we can't seem to help them. Of course with Zachy it is so much more of a problem. Is he able to have tylenol to help with the fever? Is he able to go into a cool bath to help bring the fever down?

    I will pray for you. Father God. We ask you to look down on little Zachy and give him your healing touch. Bring him back to greater health than he has had before so that his family knows you have blessed them with a miracle. Kathy is consumed with anxiety over this. We ask you to speak to her heart. Give her a peace that sets her mind at rest so that she is able to care for her little grandson. Give her a release from her pain and fatigue. Help her daughter with what she needs, and Lord, we ask that you protect their family from people who are trying to bring harm to them. This we ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.
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  3. Maya-May

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    You will pull through this. You are not alone. Try to keep calm. This is so hard on you but know that God is with you, right now, beside you and comforting you. He will give you that extra strength that you now need.

    "Lord Jesus, I pray for our sister Kathy who is having such a critical time right now. You know how desperate she feels, how alone and scared. I pray for your peace to come, I pray for the Holy Spirit to come and comfort her and to guide her.

    I lift up little Zach to you, please touch him with your healing hands, dear Jesus. Bring forth health and happiness into this family. Let Kathy feel your peace right now, I pray, and let her feel love and acceptance. In Your precious name I pray, Lord Jesus. Amen."

    Thinking of you Kathy.


  4. kathyrere

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    yes I do have quite a few Addy' Nanna, holly little donna
    and Milo donna

    lots more

    trying to prepare what to say/ i pray they let me talk and they listen. i pray gives me the right words to say.

    thank you all for letting me fall apart.
    love kathy
  5. kathyrere

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    is the guest book?
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    I'm praying that you have NO PROBLEMS today at 2pm and that little Zachy will get better....
    Trust me, "try" to calm down a little, and let God do the rest........
    If you need to really let it out, email me..........

    Take Care.......{{{{hugs}}}}for you and Zachy, and Christa too.................
    Love, Big D