I am tryin to get some help from s.s.i lawyer specialist/ others

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    I wrote here once b-4. I had been applying for ssi for quite sometime and been denied several times. I have a lawyer, but i am not sure if he really is helping with certain things that mattersuch as what i should say on my papers. I had been in pain doctors after doctors, my lower back is very poor condition couldn't a Dr. that will really do a test to figure out what is wrong, please help me with different Dr.'s or even lawyer but how do i tell my present lawyer if i happen to find another. Help please. I live in Victorville, CA
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    well, I think first off you should read all the information that is on this web site from scott davis. He is the one who could tell you about attorney's. You sound like you are going through some bad times. Hang in there. Social security is a long process for some people, you have to document everything. Many people make the mistake of thinking that their dr's is documenting what they are saying. Don't take that for granted. Ask for a copy of your medical file. Make sure the dr is. You not only need his help it is one of the major things that ss looks at and takes this greatly into consideration. You really need to find a dr who specializes in cfs. They are more apt to be more detailed on your symptoms. Well, hope I could help you some. Take care Nothburg
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    Thank-you Nothburg for the reply, yes I am not giving up yet. And thank- you once again.
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    I personally do not like Scott Davis for reasons I won't get in to now. I can suggest an attorney who often visits another forum and he will answer any questions you might have. His name is Jeff Rabin. If you type his name and clouds in your search engine the first hit should be the place he answers questions. You might also include in your search the letters SSI. He is an angel. Good luck