I am trying to work again, but should I?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kellygirl, May 4, 2008.

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    After an injury that had flared up the FMS and MPS, I am now back at work. I work home-care. The agency I worked at during the injury only has given me 3 hours. Their insurance company is still fighting my claim.

    Anyway, an agency I had previously worked with, but with less $$$ has given me hours.

    I don't know if I should do this or not. I have 22 hours a week. I work with a woman that has FMS and Lupus and she says she doesn't know how I am doing it.

    It makes me feel like maybe I am not able to!? I am afraid if I do try and am not able to continue, I will lose the time I have from when I submitted my SSD.

    I had filed while I was going through the intense pain from my knee injury. It had flared up everything where I couldn't even raise up from bed.

    I am experiencing the shoulder and neck pain, but still work with it. The legs are still weak and I am not able to go down the steps frontways with the knee.

    But, if I am able to assist people p/t, should I do that?

    I don't know if I should risk losing the SS and have to start over again if I can't continue working.

    I thought I would call up the rep from SS and ask his advice. What do you think?

    I am so confused........it has been such a journey since the knee injury.
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    it seems like you are adding a lot of hours all at once. if i were you i would add just a few more hours, say 6 total per week, try that for a month and then see if you can handle ten. each time you add more hours wait several weeks (a month best) to see if you can really handle it while sustaining your health. as soon as you see symptoms increasing I would cut back to the previous amount and stay there for a few months before you try increasing again. i know it's hard to get an employer to work with you in this way, but it is what you need. by increasing slowly, testing the waters,it seems a better course re SSDI too, though you should talk to a disability atty about that.
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    Thanks for the advice. I read your profile, I see that you have been through a difficult time also.

    I really felt for you when reading of your experience.

    Thanks again!
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    Sorry, this doesn't really pertain to your situation (but I feel for ya kid!) but can I wanted to know if you can apply for SS while you are still working.

    Between the FM and migraines I am beginning to think I just shouldn't be here. I work 40 hours a week as an assistant to an investment adviser so it is quite stressful.

    So, I just wondered if I could apply for SS and still try to work during the process.

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    I don't have any wise insight to offer you I just wish you the best and please don't rush things. You don't want to re-injure that knee again.

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts & hugs,
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    I saw the workman comp. doctor today and he said if I keep doing this job I am going to "kill myself", which I thought was a little harsh.

    Anyway, I thought when I go there, my knee would look fine to him and he wouldn't know what I have been through with it, like when you take the car to a garage and it's fine.

    But, He told me I have chondromalacia (spelling?) and to stop doing steps, bending, lifting, stooping, etc. and will write orders to that effect.

    So, I told the one agency what he said and they took my hours away. I am down to 3 hours......so, I guess it's back to my SS again. I really like the one client, too.

    The weird part about it all was, the doctor was held up on the Interstate because of an accident and the woman from the work. comp. insurance company was there and we got to talking, since we sat for 2 hours together. She was surprised I have not been receiving a check all this time I am off of work.

    My attorney said it was good news that I have work restrictions again. Maybe good for the case, but it appears it is a progressive thing with the knee and I always prided myself on the strength I had in my legs.

    So, I think I will just keep piling up the medical information for SS. I am going to use the settlement and $$$ from Bush to pay for bankruptcy..so, that's my plan for now.

    I think I may be helping my BIL in the future, so maybe I am where I am supposed to be. He has stage 4 colon cancer and is receiving treatments right now. I will be available to help there now. Maybe it's all in the plan.