I am using dragon naturallyspeaking Right now

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    I am speaking on a headset and not even typing these words that are coming up on the board for you to read.

    I am dictating this into the headset for everyone to read. I guess I can save my hands a little bit more now.

    I am checking out how this works on the Internet for everybody and myself.

    This is really kind of cool. I just wanted to share this with everyone and let you know, that CompUSA is where I purchased this software. It may help you all with your aches and pains like it is myself.

    It is worth the money that I spent on this. Right now there is a $100 rebate. So tomorrow I will be sending off my receipt. I can use us for school and the Internet.

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  2. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    There was a therpist at one of my support meetings once. She recommended that we used the flat of our hands, and not our finger, to turn knobs on doors.

    At that time I said that I was afraid that if I did not use it I would lose it (IE: hand function). She stated that not in people with Fibro. That it was true for most people, but we should learn to do things easier. Like if we opened doors that way and such, I might be able to write a letter to someone at the end of the day instaed of putting it off, because of achy hands.

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have the 9.0 perferred edition.

    you can order it online or go to the store like i did. i didn't have time to wait 3 days or more.

    total cost here in ca was $209.00 including tax. then i have some rebates to send off. you have until 11/28/06.

    and since i have neck problems and shoulder problems this will help as well w/nerve pain.

    the 9.0 perferred w/even do your emails for you and store your addresses. but i haven't gone that crazy yet.

    my main purpose at this time is to use it for my term paper.
    for psychology, and i got a perfect score. yippee.

    then next semester i will be able to take my english class and be able to use dragon for all of the homework required.

    i am still learning some little things. i need to figure out how to write up my bibliography they way they want it and set the tabs and margins.

    i figure a little at a time.

    and willow since you already have used the program, earlier version you will probably be surprised at how much more this recognize your voice.

    you do need to make sure your computer has the proper equipment ram's and stuff. fornately mine does.

    i didn't want to give out the price originally sue, only if someone asked just because i know there are some here going through rough financial times.

    but for me i have a college scholarship that covers the cost easisly.

    also i could've waited for state voc rehab to figure out when they will help me out and pay for it.

    i felt i needed it now.

  4. DorothyVivian

    DorothyVivian New Member

    You've inspired me! I sure could have used this software when I was writing for grad school! Sometimes my hands hurt so badly I cried.
    Also, congrats on the good paper you received on your paper! I'll be pulling for you and hoping to see how you're doing. Psychology is such an endlessly fascinating field. I hope you continue on and write advocacy for those of us struggling with disabilities--you'll be able to write with authentic understanding.

    Good luck on all you endeavor!

    With love, Dorothy
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thank you for your support. I am hoping I can encourage some more people to purchase dragons speaking naturally. I am not a salesperson, trust me.

    I just know that there are a lot of us on this board with hand and arm problems. Which I am sure this would be very beneficial for them.

    I have to do some more homework. Then I will work on at term paper.


  6. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Our family counselor has it himself, and he recommended it for my son (10) who has difficulty with handwriting but still has lots of story ideas and loves to tell them. I'd heard good things about the program, and I'm glad to see that technology has made it possible to have the choice!
  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have 3 sons who write alot of papers. I will tell them how much you love this dragon writer.

    Sounds like you are doing so well in school. I am so very happy for you!!

  8. larryh

    larryh New Member

    If anyone has one of the latest versions of Microsoft Office the voice recognition software built in works pretty good too. I am not using it because it is rarely quiet enough here to use it. I couldn't get it to work with Live Chat though. It would be nice to find software that worked there also.

  9. KerryK

    KerryK Member

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a wonderful product. For those of us who were never professional typists, it is easy to exceed any wpm we ever could achieve manually.

    I have used it in one form or another over a decade now, both academically and professionally. It allowed me to get through law school when I was unable to type due to my arm/neck/wrist etc. problems.

    PS: The Office V/R software works well too but has very limited navigation and editing functionality. The Dragon form is much much better.

    Good luck.
  10. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    I have been working with the newest Microsoft programing called Vista and it too added in the voice recognition program for all users. These programs are a whole lot easier than the programs of years past as you don't need to read boring text for an hour or more to even get started.Even on days when my hands don't co-operate these programs allow me to still be able to use my computer for almost every program that I need to access. Even my doctor's office is using a similar type of program to help records get done immediately and even checks their prescriptions so that no body has a question what the doctor wrote. Only one we couldn't set these programs up for was a friend who was dealing with Lou Gerigs as his muscle weakness made his voice change too far from time to time. Maineweezie
  11. KeelyPie

    KeelyPie New Member

    I have been looking up voice recognition software for a few days now so I was really excited to see this thread. I have heard that Dragon really has improved since the earlier versions and that the newer one (version 9) is pretty user friendly. My question is, what are the benefits of the Preferred vs. the Standard edition?

    Also, for anyone looking to go with Vista, you might want to check out this video, it's prett scary! lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y_Jp6PxsSQ
  12. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    My husband has that, and he loves it, he wants to program it for me to use it.
    love to all, Ann
  13. connieaag

    connieaag New Member

    My daughter uses it all the time. We had it written into her school IEP so it would never be a question to the teachers if things were typed instead of handwritten. She just has to go through and edit.
  14. KeelyPie

    KeelyPie New Member

    awesome, its great to know so many people own Dragon and really enjoy using it!! Do you all have the Standard version or the Preferred?
  15. connieaag

    connieaag New Member

    It seems to be adequate for school.
  16. KerryK

    KerryK Member

    The price difference between the preferred and standard editions is minimal, though preferred ed. has the playback feature which allows you to play back what was dictated. That feature is very useful for making corrections to make sure one makes dictation corrections based on what was actually said. This helps avoid messing up your voice model. Get the preferred ed.

    Good luck!
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but i am glad so many people have this available for us.

  18. KeelyPie

    KeelyPie New Member

    I think I will be checking out the Preferred Dragon edition, it looks like it does have a few more bells and whistles on it and worth the extra money.

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