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    I am feeling so very grateful today. As many of you know this has been a long and arduous year for me in my teaching position because of the treatments that my new health insurance cut off many months ago.

    I do not take pain meds or muscle relaxants so these alternative therapies and muscle therapy was a God send to me.(I have unusual sensitivitys to pain meds etc.) I have had muscle therapy for 13 or 14 years. I had no idea what I would do without these things. My chiropractic was cut off as well and I have had those treatments for 18 years. My chiro is seeing me for free and has been since March. Yes, he is something special for sure.

    For months I have prayed that God would relax my mind and relax my body. I know that many of you have prayed for me through this long and hard battle of just getting through each difficult week.

    I am in the last stages of fighting over the IV's. I have waited for well over two months after writing my letter of appeal.

    I want to thank God for seeing me through another school year. There were days back in January that I didn't think I could make it through this school year but He was faithful.

    I want to thank all of you who stood with me during this time in prayer and in encouragement. It really does help to know that others with similar illnesses are relating, encouraging, lifting up and praying for me.

    If you have ever read my profile I believe it says that I am an avid flower gardener. I finally had the time and energy to start in planting today. The task is pretty daunting as I have many, many flowers to plant but when they are all in it will be worth it. They are my vacation and my mental therapy.

    As I have read the posts on the Bible study for this week I am really identifying with the one grateful person who came back to thank Jesus.

    I would ask for this prayer for me now. I have been felt lead to launch out on the Maker's Diet now for over a year. I have bought the book and I have been reading it very slowly. I have made some changes along the way but I wanted to wait till summer to really dive in.

    I really believe that my healing lies in this regimen. I would ask for prayer for wisdom, self discipline and perseverance as these are major life changes that are required.

    Thank you all for being there.

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    This year was especially sweet on the last day as it has been such a difficult year. We always joke and say don't run over the kids on the way out the door!

    Actually we have a very nice luncheon after the kids have gone and it is very peaceful. It kinda feels like the calm after the storm.

    I love what I do. This is one of the few years I have scheduled nothing in the way of work for the summer. When I tell people that they can't believe I am actually taking a complete summer off but I really needed to get emotionally and physcially recharged to be able to do this for several more years.

    Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. Hows the cig habit coming? Take care and enjoy your summer as well.

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    Yes, the weather is very nice. It has been unseasonably warm and right down hot and humid where I live which is more typical of July weather.

    I have been intrigued my the Maker's Diet by author, Jordin Rubin. If you look up either the title or the author on the internet you will get a wealth of info on his website. The Maker is meaning God and it is basically the foods which God wanted Israel to eat.

    The book is actually quite fascinating. It is funny because how could a book on diet be interesting but I would encourage everyone to read it. I have made some changes along the way this year to get ready to jump in on the total program. I am such a firm believer in changing your health through diet that I could easily get on my soapbox.

    I won't go into the whys that I did this but there were some really good reasons. I have cut out sugar from my diet six years ago. Within four days of doing that the brain fog had lifted in the morning. I thought if just one thing in my diet could do that what could other things do as well. I am really into juicing and that has been so benefical.

    Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate them very much.