I am what I EAT, no doubt NOW!!!

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    I've believed this for many years but until I got my labs back this year and checked lipid panels against the previous years, Yikes...my HDL and LDL are elevated and total cholesterol.

    Now, I KNOW what caused this....I was one who didn't bring CHEESE into my house for a couple years, maybe a tad here and there, but in the last year I brought TOO MUCH CHeese into my house and stomach....also deli meats....SO....

    That will stop right now and they are not coming into my house....I am working on bringing those levels into a good place and have to say This Has Been a WAKE UP CALL.

    There are schools of thought that cholesterol is NOT the culprit to heart disease, that it's Homocysteine, but my Homo levels rose too from last year.....and after doing some research B12 and Folic Acid are critical for Homo to be in good level....I've even slacked off on my B12 and Folic Acid tab which is a great product from Superior Source....guess what the bottle is right in my face and I will take it daily....

    On these labs my B12 dropped about 500+ points since my 2010 B12 labs....when my B12 was much higher my Homocysteine levels are much much lower.....so a major connection there..

    So lots of wake up calls recently.......jam
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    Hi Jam - that IS a lot of wake up calls! Also, omega 3's, and I think it's fish oil in particular, help lower cholesterol. So your omega 3's (and possibly fish oil in particular) are very important, not just for inflammation. There's lots of info about this on-line, Dr. Mercola even has an article about fish oil and high cholesterol. So it might not be just the cheese and deli meats raising your levels. I actually had a doctor recommend fish oil to me to lower cholesterol. (also avoid sugar etc. which raise levels)

    You might do well with folic acid but many people don't, so I just want to mention that folic acid is a synthetic form of folate and many people have trouble converting it to a form useable by the body. Folic acid can actually cause a folate deficiency because it competes for absorption with folic acid.

    I also read that B6, as well as folate and B12 are important for lowering high homocysteine levels.

    Live and learn, and learn and learn ..... :)

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    Yes, Mary, it's been 5 days or so of Lows and HIGHS.....checking account cleaned out and cholesterol levels, fibrinogen, homocysteine, B12 all lower...BMI too high.

    I've been taking Omega 3's for many years off and on, and even went to Krill Oil for a couple months a little while back and have been off Omega 3's for a couple months now...WHY, not real sure....but my gf says when she takes Omega 3's she gets back pain...ummm.......so maybe that's my problem, I was thinking....So I just stopped taking them.....and look what happens...

    I often wonder what is working and what isn't and NOW I "think" I need the Omega 3's on a steady diet....Just got today Jarrow DHA Max a nice product with Omega 3's from calamari and Higher DHA which I wanted to take more of anyway and never did.

    So getting "grips" on things here and still staying off cheese and the meats....deli meats that is..

    My Superior Source has B12, B6 and Folic Acid....so back on this every day....

    Getting hold and trying to stay on top is a job.....take care...jam
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    It is too bad - we try so hard to do all the right things - I often wish I had a crystal ball or SOMETHING to tell me what was the right thing to do (e.g., mercury detox - yes or no?) and so on. I remember you talking about how your friend said she had more pain with fish oil. We just muddle along I think, educate ourselves as much as possible, and hopefully get it right most of the time.

    Take care -

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    Jamin, someone posted this article on one of my FB groups this morning and I thought of you right away.

    Fat from butter and cheese not a problem, says heart specialist
    In fact, removing saturated fat from the diet may actually increase cardiovascular risk, report says.

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    TL, I still use butter when it's needed but coconut oil is my best choice these days....we need good fats and I'm looking forward to my Primal book arriving as I'll enjoying reading it as the author is very involved in
    Weston Price Foundation and they are big on oils for good health. I'm going to lay off cheese and use it as a treat here and there, I bought too much this last year.....

    So much info out there and I believe we need good fats for so much including brain health and fighting depression....too many out there do the reduced/no fat designed false foods....jam