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    Dear friends,
    I am back at work full time, this was my second week. It has been really challenging but I am doing it one day at a time. I am a microbiologist in a clinical lab, and we are fully staffed for the first time in a year. I feel worse physically, but I feel better mentally !! I don't know if that makes sense. How many of you are successful at working full-time.?
    Love Sue
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    I really think my fibro problems started when I was a child. I'm now 52 and retired. However, I was successful at working full time for more than 30 years!! I also raised 3 wonderful children while working, going back to work when each child was only 6 weeks old. I also lived an hour away from my job. My job was a very stressful administrative job which entailed a lot of high pressure meetings, business trips, and lots and lots of unpaid overtime. I have a husband that has never done one ounce of housework or grocery shopping, etc. - because he works two jobs. He has a full-time day job and farms many acres and raises 200 head of cattle in his "spare" time. So I was the one who did everything around the house, went to the children's school programs in the evenings, went on band trips with them on the weekend, helped with their homework, typed all the term papers, etc.

    You can be a successful mother and maintain a full-time job. BUT NOBODY EVERY SAID IT WAS EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT EASY!!!!! All I can say now, is that I don't know how I did it while I was doing it!! LOL The last 10 years were the toughest. The last 5 years were spent with the heating pad every evening, crying some in pain, and a lot of trips to the doctor. We could take our vacation days one day at a time. I had a lot of company service, so I received 6 weeks vacation per year. Most of it was probably taken one day at a time to spend IN BED when I could go no longer. During the last 5 years of work, I would stop at a gym on the way home and relax in their heated pool which would sooth the pain. My children were old enough to take care of themselves by then and I didn't care if my hubby got supper or not!! LOL

    Hang in there, it's not easy, but when you're pushing every day, the days seem to keep going by, and then one day, you'll have your 30 years in and count the days until you can go to your boss and finally state "I'M RETIRING IN TWO WEEKS -- I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!!!!" :)
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    Hi Sue~~I only work 3 days a week, but although I feel worse "physically"....I feel much better "emotionally & mentally".

    There are so many mornings that I have to force myself to get out of bed--feeling so tired, stiff, achy, sore, and every part of my body begging to crawl back under the covers, but after I shower, get to work, joke with my co-workers, and see my first client~~I am in the Game and ready to go!

    I am so busy all day seeing one client after another, attending meetings, and trying to stay on top of all the paperwork that the day passes rapidly; I haven't had time to "think" about all my aches & pains; it feels good to help other people, and when I see a client get that "ah-ha" experience--there is no feeling like it, and I end the day feeling like my contribution was important; that something wonderful was accomplished, and I still have alot to offer.

    But, I confess--without the pain meds...I couldn't make it through the day, and by the time I drive home--I am completely worn out, and there isn't a place on me that doesn't hurt. After a long, hot soak in the tub, a light meal, and my night-meds....I feel like I can't move, don't want to do anything but rest and go to sleep. Then, morning comes too fast, and I get up and do it all over again.

    By the end of my three day's work--I am a physical wreck, but I feel really good emotionally and psychologically. The praise, hugs, and compliments I get throughout the week from my clients is the best medicine I know. Laughing with my co-workers and complaining about management gives me a sense of belonging and normalcy. And when I get my beautiful paycheck--I feel I've earned it.

    And though I'm bedridden the first day after my workweek, and it takes me the weekend to recouperate~~I notice that though I am a physical disaster--I am seldom depressed, do not focus on my ailments, and never feel isolated, alone, or abandoned. I just really have to nurture and take care of myself on my days off.

    Sue, I hope you are enjoying being back at work. I know it is difficult physically, but you sound in good spirits. I couldn't work a 40 hour week, and I admire you for jumping back in with both feet! Just remember how "valuable" your weekend time off is, and spend most of it nurturing, resting, and restoring your body. I guard my time off work as though it were gold>>>being very selective about what I put my energy into. So when you feel refreshed enough to be active, do things that you enjoy, that make you smile, and sneak the laundry in between the good times.

    When you have chronic health problems and work--especially full time--your first priority has to be YOU or eventually everything else will gradually fall apart. I used to be a perfectionist and an immaculate housekeeper. Now....I settle for 'okay' and halfway decent.

    Take care of yourself and Congratulations on completing your 2nd Week Anniversary of going back to work fulltime! Blessings and Good Wishes to You....Carol