I am worried and tired

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    Fri. DH and I went shopping in our usual city, 50 mi. from here. i went into a bookstore for graduation cards (my back hurt so bad), then i went to Kohl's to look for luggage for our grandson's college graduation next weekend. Didn't know what to pick so left.

    Then on, rode) to another dept, store to look at luggage. Why does no one ever help you anymore. Hubby can't go into stores anymore and I wanted assistance. What kind - what is the pride - which is the size I am looking for? no one would help.

    I finally rolled it up to a checkout -Had my cane and purse aqnd hands were full - and took care of business. I pulled up the handle and left. A lady in a chair right by the door was chatting on her cell and never bothered to open and door nor did the man in thew other chair. What has hap[pened to courtesy?

    Anway, back to the subject. Then it was on to groceries. We botn use an electric cart. I loaded the trunk and we camde home. I unloaded the trunk into my cart and then, had to put it all away. i was exhausted.

    We went to bed and I kept asking hubby if he felt OK. Yes was the answer. Ssuddenly he was vomiting onto the carpet by the bed!!!!! He can't get up because of the leg prothesis. I got up and tried to wonder what am i going to do. With the help of paper toweling -lotsof it- then a bucket of hot water and rags, I scrubbed the carpet and everythuing arou nd it. Pardon me if I am too graphic.

    It is almost 3 p.m. and he is still in bed with a low temp. I want to take him to ER but "no"...

    I have wor4ked all a.m. an d I am soooo tired. Didn't mean to ramble on but just needed to talk to someone. I don't have close friends anymore like manhy of you. They don;t care for "ailing" people.

    So much for that!!!!!! Sorry for the venting. I know all of you have times like this and always solve them.

    Luv u all,

    ((((((((Gentle Hugs)))))))))))
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    Hello!!! So very sorry you are feeling down. I wonder about common courtesy myself sometimes. It seems people are just so caught up in their own lives sometimes they don't take the time out to help like they should. Also, our society has so many distractions, so many gadgets, so much technology, it takes the personal touch away sometimes.

    On a good note, I read your bio. It is very uplifting. It sounds like you have a wonderful family, how lucky for you! And your faith in God, that's so important. It is what gets me through. I try to focus on why we are here and to do the best that I can to live my life the way God intended. I am sure God looks down on you and your husband with great joy!!

    I pray for both of you to be well and happy. Know that there are people here on this board who understand you and know what you are going through. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Kim :)
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    I just came from the CFS/FM board where I responded to a post of yours.....

    I'm sorry to hear about your wretched day. When you drive that far, you feel as if you have to do everything on the list, don't you? People do seem to be so self-centered these days, don't they? And you're worried about your hubby too.

    I suspect that you may both be feeling better after a good night's sleep. Not to dismiss your concerns at all but I know that rest helps me look at things differently. I hope this is a good night for you both.

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    I'm quite sure you ARE worried and tired. I know you are worried about your hubby. I'm hate to hear that he got sick after your day on the town. I hope it's nothing serious.

    And ... I know you are just worn to a frazzle. I know how I feel after someone has taken me to town, let along go shopping for groceries afterward. Then, to have to clean up after he got sick. Oh, dear, I know it got the best of you.

    I pray that your DH gets well soon and you get the rest and recuperation that you so richly deserve.

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    Hi there,

    I know we have "spoken" before, I think on the Porch. I remembered tht you liked to sing and love music as I do. From reading your bio you sound like you are a little older than I. I know how I feel and I, luckily do not have to use one of those electric carts, yet !!! I just hurt ALOT !!!

    I am SO SORRY to hear about your terrible day, a day or ago, as well as your husband being sick. I hope he gets to at least feeling a little better SOON.

    Yes, we do live in a very fast paced world today and everyone running around helter skelter with cell phones in their ears and not always paying attention to the immediate world about them.

    It is terrible when people are rude. Don't know if they were ever taught the right way to behave as children (as I know I was and I am sure you too). There is really no excuse but many people probably are just not really "thinking about the situation" as they should be and some are also just plain LAZY !!

    I know that I almost always hold the door open for people, especially if they are older and or have a handicap. I am no spring chicken either (-: !!! I also agree with you about some of the sales people nowadays, just in a hurry to get off work and not paying attention to the customer that might need some special help. That is the way it used to be in most stores, big and small if you wanted the people to come back to that store. Nowadays, there are some very good salespeople but then again there are others that fall into the category you encountered. It is very upsetting to see people when they act as you say they did to you - just doing nothing when people are really needing assistance !!

    I am certainly not any help to you but wanted to tell you that I understand your venting , esp if you cannot get out to much, your stores are a good distance away, and both of you need some special care and help. Hope your husband is feeling a little better now than he was. It is so hard to have to put up with all this stuff especially when you are the primary caretaker and your husband is ill. I am sure you don't want to complain to much when he is around to putl him down to.

    Please know that you can vent here at any time. There are so many neat people here on this board that alot of the same feelings and problems that you do. I am lucky as my DH doesn't really have any health problems yet, just a little hi b/p but mine is worse than his -alot!! He also got over hernia surgery a few months ago but he is doing well. I count my blessings because I am not housebound and can get around pretty well considering all my pain for 20 plus years like you. I also was dxed about a year or so ago.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and that YOU are NOT alone !!! Please pardon this "book".

    God bless you and feel free to vent at any time.

    Warm hugs,

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    This is Sun. afternoon and hubby is felling better and finally, my work is done for the day.

    I slept on the couch til about 2:30 and my back would not take it anymore! I got in bed with him. This morning as I was getting ready for church, I noticed that I had to strip the bed (tomato soup goes right thru when that is all there is!) Then I got our breakfast (I spilled my glass of ice water all over the cupboard)

    Singing in the choir cheered me as did the coffee hr. Hubby wanted more tomato soup for lunch and guess what? I boiled it over all over the stove!!!!!!! It is almost funny now -lol. of course, I had to clean it all up after we ate, then make the bed up which kills my back.

    But I am relaxing now, thanking boltchik (you are a beautiful young lady), marta, prickles, Janet, mystic, lindy and granni (yes, we talked on the porch).

    I about wrote that you don't know what it means to have friends like all of you-----but you do!!!!! This board is so dear.

    ((((((Hugs to all)))))))

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    and giving thank yous to all the dear people that replied.