I apologize to anyone here I may have offended. I did not mean

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  1. KarenL47520

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    to try to make it sound like my pain was any worse than anyone else's.

    For anyone who can lean on the Lord or draw strength from Him, my hat goes off to that person. I think I realized how far away I was from God when my late husband was dying and I wanted more than anything for him to get a transplant so he could live. I was hurting so much, watching him day after day die and angry with God for not healing him. Believe me, I am trying to get myself closer to God.

    I don't see myself as a drug addict, I see myself as a young vibrant woman who has been stricken with this disease and I am looking for something to help me. Even a drowning person can make a situation worse for themselves by flailing about, but that is just instinct isn't it, your first instinct tells you to do something, don't just sit there.

    For anyone who can get by on supplements and prayer, and a small amount of pain med, then you have my utmost respect. I wish I were that strong but I'm not. I am in too much pain, too new at this despite now knowing that I have had this for a good many years, and further from God than I would like to be.

    Again, I apoligize to anyone here I may have offended.

  2. Dayle

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    I applaud you for seeing where you can change & accepting somethings are out of your control. We all suffer on different levels at different times. There have been times in the past 25yrs that I have felt like I was going to die. Finally, I have been diagnosed & with the help of the Guai-protocol feel that I will get better. I did not read the posting you refer to but I'm sure all will understand. I think we've all been there. I pray that you will always turn to God & never turn away. May he bless you & help you overcome.
    Love D
  3. Mikie

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    I guess I missed that post too, but I can't imagine being offended by someone in pain. Hey, when I'm in pain, it IS worse than anyone else's pain, at least for me. I took Morphine for my pain until the Guai treatment got me to the point that I didn't need it so often. The physical therapy helped with the pain too, but believe me, there is no greater comfort to me than to know that I have a stash of Morphine for when nothing else helps.

    My faith has never been stronger and I believe that there is a reason for everything, including suffering, maybe especially suffering. Prayer and meditation are part of my healing too, but prayer and opiods are not mutually exclusive, just two different paths to healing. The body/mind/spirit connection is so very important to understand.

    For far too long, I used denial to handle my illness. This worked too well for me and I found that I was zoning out from life as well as the pain. When I cut my leg open on my car and didn't even know it til my Mom saw blood all over the place, I decided that denial was not the way to handle my pain. I never saw taking opiods as failure on my part, but I admit that the thought of taking them scared me a little at first. I was very ignorant of the possibility of addiction until I read how low the incidence of psychological addiction is amongst those of us with chronic pain.

    Love, Mikie
  4. motherjo

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    Hi I may not no how you feel because I have not lost my hushand. I no I would be lost with out him. NOW I do no about your pain 24/7. I do take all the medications th edoctors will give me and it make me feel better ,I also belevive in GOD and I no that with HIM every thing is a little easyer.
    Just because I love GOD and He loves me ,thats not to say I will not get sick or loose someone.I am not preaching just letting you no there is a way. I thank GOD for JESUS who died for us.BLESSED PEACE The greast peace Ive ever known I found in troubled times for when I put my trust in GOD HE eased my troubled mind and body. love you motherjo
  5. pam_d

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    Certainly, no need for you to apologize! In fact, I was wondering if the gist of your original post got lost in the shuffle of other back-n-forth comments------hope you got some support at least!

    I don't know why ALL of us here can't remember three little words...QUALITY OF LIFE. We all have the right to choose how we deal with our search for the best quality of life we can have, given our FM, CFS or other challenges. And we all deserve to be respected for the choices we make!!

    Should we keep an open mind to the thought that there may be another, better choice out there? Sure, but at the same time, we all need to feel comfortable with our choices, and comfortable to ask questions and seek support without feeling that we are going to be judged for the path we have chosen.

    One person's answer for finding the best quality of life is NOT going to necessarily be another's. But the one thing we DO have in common is a need to bond with others who are like us & truly understand these illnesses. I wish we'd all try to remember this when answering posts. Sharing a suggestion that's worked for you is great; hammering someone over the head with every error you believe they have made in their own treatment is another thing altogether.

    I hope we can ALL find quality of life-----which may take a slightly different shape for each one of us.


  6. pinkquartz

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    i didn't see your other post either, but skimming through your message i feel i have to reassure you not to let anyone make you feel bad about how you are doing. i am sure you do the best with terrible pain. I want to confess that i have a problem myself with some responses to a short and badly thought out response i made to someone else's thread a few days ago.
    i felt judged by people who know nothing about me and it has left me feeling uncomfortable. I am currently trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings to see if i want to post about how i feel or let it go. But when i read your message i thought this isn't right .clearly there is a wide range of experiences of pain and illness and duration of, plus various home situations. Its not fair to judge another person without knowing all about them. and maybe not even then.
    Karen, my heart has gone out to you because you are coping with a terrible bereavement and i've been there too, with my sister and then a very close cousin.
    i hope this response is ok i am very foggy with flu but i feel moved and wanted to respond to you. I think coping with this is very very hard. I have cfs,fms, and various others. I know how this pain overwhelms and consumes. thats what it does. sometimes i cope really good and in fact people always tell me i cope good. but sometimes i don't because sometimes its too hard and i just have to be not coping for a while. i hope this makes sense
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I did go back and found nothing offensive in your post, but I certainly found an offensive response, both there and here. The person responsible for the offensive response to your posts has been warned and will be banned if this continues.

    I am so sorry that this peron's rudeness has added to your pain. We do not tolerate rudeness here.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I agree and that's why we usually send a warning e-mail before banning someone for rudeness. We all have bad days, but this person posted three offending messages, which, I agree, is out of character for her.

    What I fail to understand is her anti-drug crusade considering that she has listed in her profile a pain medication, an anti-inflammatory, and a muscle relaxant, all prescriptions, that she is taking. Something just doesn't ring true.

    I hope it is just a case of having a bad day and all will get back to normal here.

    Love, Mikie
  9. bejo

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    I didn't read the original post,or if I did my fog didn't know it.There's nothing wrong with taking pain meds.I take them when I need to.I'm lucky in that pain isn't my worst problem with FMS.My biggest problems are depression and exhaustion.Oops,I forgot my fog, that's big too.But I certainly take what meds I can for those problems.I do wish they had something to clear the fog though. LOL
    ((((for you)))) bejo
  10. nefran5

    nefran5 New Member

    ...and all that you are going through. Remember that life is painful...suffering is optional.
  11. Kathryn

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    I did not see your initial post, but please don't judge yourself too harshly. There is not one single person on this planet who does not have an occasional case of foot in mouth disease, and we seem to be more severely afflicted with it than most. We all suffer differently, and there is no one thing that helps all of us. Some have a higher pain threshold than others. What might be tolerable to me, can be excruciating to you, and vice versa. What we all need to learn to do is be accepting of each other and our individual limitations. I believe that we all care for each other and, for the most part, understand what we are going through far better than the general public. I hope that the pain that you are presently experiencing is due only to a flare up, and that it is a very short one.
  12. pamela

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    Well, I found one offending post from the offender not you Karen. It was a little rough but I found nothing you said wrong. Well as they say lets just "forgive and forget" and go on. Life is to short for the dwellings of such things. What's already said has been said and we should be thinking of other more usefull things and get on with our life. We all have bad days. We all hurt to much to get too upset. Your a sweet lady and don't ever forget it. I love your picture on your Bio. Take care and write as often as you can. ((((((((((Love and Hugs)))))))))))))