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    I am so excited! I am very nervous about possibly racking up $13,000 to $20,000 in student loan debt, but with the Distance (online) Learning program, if I can enroll in a few months and take 4 classes over the summer (while the kids are out of school and I don't have to make sure they are doing homework) and then 2 classes per term after that, I can be done in a year.

    Playing it safe has me in a dead-end job that I dislike {actually, the job is okay, but the Management sucks and the coworkers are mean and clueless} But I cannot quit unless I can find something better that at least pays the same, or almost the same. I cannot afford a major pay cut if it's still full-time work outside of the home, which means gas money and car wear and tear, etc. And I cannot even fantasize about SSD at this point-----------don't have enough credits because I barely worked while my kids were really small.

    I submitted my FAFSA and applied to the school. I am still waiting to hear what they say.

    Meanwhile, I start a Chinese class next week. It's the only language class offered on a Saturday, and I know that my body cannot be pushed into evening classes after work.

    This is a big accomplishment for me because fear of being in debt was the major hindrance for me, along with having to be there for my oldest daughter and her school troubles. Now she's at the sink or swim point and there's not much I can do except lead her to the water. It's time for me to do something major for myself again.
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    Good luck on the program and on the FAFSA application. Distance learning sounds like the way to go for many of us. That's wonderful if you could finish in a year. I'm envious of your Chinese class; that sounds like fun.

    What will your degree be in?
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    a curriculum that combines Public Administration&Counseling with Theology and Health. But I don't want to be a Psychologist or Social Worker.
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    Hi. You may also want to see if you can talk to the financial aid department. Sometimes, there is scholarship $ available. The important thing is to ask. There are usually deadlines on these types of aid.

    I'd also try some avenues for additional aid in your local area. I'm not sure who to contact. Sometimes. men's organizations offer scholarships. I'm having brain fog tonight, so I can't even think of their names. They tend to be service organizations. I know this because my hubby used to be on one of the selection committees for highschool seniors going to college.

    Does your workplace offer matching funds for additional education? It never hurts to ask.

    Are you planning to work full time while you are taking 4 courses and watching your children ? That is huge if you are.

    Please take care. I am in awe of you. Soft hugs. Joyfully
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    I know you will do great!